Nutrition and Physical Fitness Outline Assignment

Nutrition and Physical Fitness Outline Assignment Words: 259

Thesis statement: Optimal health habits like proper nutrition and physical fitness lead to a robust and thriving life, while marginal habits lead to poor health in life. The organizational strategies I have chosen will be chronological order and order of importance. Nutrition and Physical Fitness l. Introduction II. Healthy Balance of Mind and Body A. Health and Wellness 1 . Six Dimensions of Health 2. Enhancing Psychosocial Health B. Managing Stress 1 . Body Response to Stress 2. Stress and Your Health Ill. The Rewards of Physical Fitness A.

Managing Your Weight 1 . Assessing Body Weight and Composition 2. Environmental Factors B. Five Components of Health Related Fitness 1. Benefits of Regular Physical Activity 2. Creating Your Own Fitness Program IV. Nutrition and Health Management A. Essential Nutrients 1 . Water, Proteins and Carbohydrates 2. Vitamins and Minerals B. Nutritional Values of Food 1. Determining what is good and bad 2. Eating Behaviors because of Environmental and Economic Effects V. Preventing Chronic Diseases by Using Nutrition and Physical Fitness A. Risk Factors and Common Diseases 1. Cardiovascular and Cancer 2. Diabetes

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B. Preventative Measures 1 . Weapons against Cardiovascular Disease 2. Lifestyle Factors and Risks for Cancer VI. Environmental Effects on Health A. The Environment and Human Health 1. Involuntary Environmental Effects 2. Voluntary Environmental Effects B. Using the Environment to Your Benefit R nag Bike or Driving a Car 2. Where to Buy Healthy Food VI’. Healthy Living Choices A. Making Wise Health Care Decisions 1 . Choosing Healthy Products 2. Sticking to a Plan or Going with Convenience B. Living With or Without Physical Fitness 1 . Short-Term/Long-Term Effects 2. Making a Life Change VIII. Conclusion

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