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Additionally, the employees of Bigwigs have been arrogant to customers. The alma of this paper Is to indicate how Bigwigs can utilize Market orientation and Marketing concept to satisfy its customers. 2. 0 Marketing concept This is the belief that satisfying customers can help achieve organizational goals. It is a management philosophy that seeks to determine and satisfy customers’ needs using Integrated marketing programmer to achieve organization goals. Kettle, 1980) Marketing concept holds that the key to achieving organizational goals consists in determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently; the company being more effective than imitators In creating, delivering and communicating customer value to Its’ selected target customers There are three important dimensions of the marketing concept that must be understood. These are: a) Customer orientation. B) Integrated company effort c) Goal-directed behavior. 2. Customer orientation This means giving customers what they want. An organization must decide who their target customers are and then conduct market research studies of their wants and needs. This will aid in creation of goods and services that are easy to use, easy to buy and easy to repair. This helps marketer to manage the market and meet these needs. Customers’ needs identification and satisfaction leads to customer retention which is Important In market share holding. This may lead to convenient locations, flexible hours, automation aimed at serving better customers’ needs. . 2 Integrated company effort Marketing activities should be closely coordinated with each other and with functional areas of the organization. Sales, balance, production, hour of work together to satisfy customer’s needs. It takes strong leadership from the top to break the barriers around departments and install performance criteria that are compatible with the marketing concept. The management should make effort to co-ordinate all the functions of advertising, sales force, product management, marketing research etc. Towards customer needs satisfaction.

This also attracts lost customers 2. 3 Goal directed behavior Behavior should be directed at achieving the goals of the organization. Kohl and Gasworks (1990) states that, marketing orientation entails one or more departments engaging in activities geared towards developing an understanding of customers current and future needs and the factors affecting them. It’s also the organizational culture that most effectively and efficiently creates the necessary behaviors’ for the creation of superior values for buyers and thus, continuous superior performance for the business.

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According to Gasworks and Kohl, 1993; Slater and Never 1994: achieving marketing orientation is associated with superior performance on the one hand and internal company benefits like employee commitment and spirit De corps. Employees must also be highly motivated in order to perform well. Lack of motivation might be the reason behind their arrogance to customers. The following includes various marketing orientations: 3. 1 Production Orientation- Improvement of production and distribution in order to educe costs and improvidence’s. 3. Product Orientation- The quality of the product is the paramount for customer satisfaction 3. 3 Selling Orientation- Effective selling and promotion aid selling more products attracting prospective customers and retaining the existing customers. 3. 4 Marketing Orientation- Providing goods and services that will satisfy the needs and wants of customers. 3. 5 Relation Marketing- Give the best possible customers service and therefore build customers loyalty. 3. 6 Societal marketing-Ensuring there are no harmful activities to the society in either in the products, production or selling methods.

Marketing orientation means a company emphasizes the needs and wants of customers in all facets of operations. Products and services are developed specifically to meet the needs of the targeted customers. A major advantage with a marketing orientation is that a business is built on addressing the needs of those you serve. If customers want certain features or attributes in your products, you can more quickly learn and react if you have a hand on the pulse of the marketplace.

Customer-centric organizations spend significant time researching to get the best understanding of what works and doesn’t work with existing offerings. Therefore, Bigwigs as a company serving a wide market, it would be wise as a marketing manager to do thorough research to understand what works and doesn’t work. Knowing what customers want not only helps in developing products that suit, it helps you better market them persuasively to grow your customer base and sales levels.

Opening more distribution centers can also be effective as the customers will have easier access to the product. A marketing- oriented company must have strong technology infrastructures and clearly defined communication channels to allow for efficient response times. Production processes just flex to the new features customers want and marketing, and sales employees need to know what benefits to use in persuasive selling. This will also create a more effective and efficient ways of responding to consumers complaints. . 0 Recommendations To establish a customer care desk in each sales outlet with a competent member of staff who has proper and certified training and experience in public relations and customer service management and handling, and who also has proper knowledge of the products that the company sells, so that customers who have any complaints may times, that is opening time is 8. 0 am to 4. Pm on weekdays and 8. AMA to 12. Pm on Saturdays so that there is more time for customers to access the products.

To open up an outlet in each of the major towns in the country, and two outlets in the big cities such as Nairobi and Sums and the towns that are predominantly agricultural such as Older and Innumerate To create a two hour lunch break, where workers plan and divide themselves into two groups each going for a one hour lunch break shift in turns, the first from pm to 1 pm and the other 1 pm to pm so that sales continue throughout lunch time, hence avoiding to either turn away customers r piling them up till lunch time is over To organize workshops that are meant to educate farmers on the general issues that are affect farming by educating them on various issues such as good farming practices so as to have input and relevance to the members of public and hence get a chance to also promote and sell their products, and to also go to national trade fairs such the Agricultural Show of Kenya (ASK) Take staff for training programs in public relations and customer management courses to make them more lenient with customers and hence reduce the complaints on arrogance. Reshuffling of employees based on their strengths so that employees who are good at handling customers deal with sales and promotions, while those who are not go into other departments such as packaging.

To create a suggestion box that is accessible to the management only so that customers who still are not satisfied with the services will have a place to write their complaints, offer suggestions or complements where necessary To advertise their products in the media such as the television, the radio, social media and even billboards to expose more potential clientele To conduct promotions for their products once every year for month To introduce smaller packages of gigs, gigs, gigs, gigs, 1 keg and egg so as to accommodate the customers who prefer smaller quantities and also based on the quantities with the highest demand, produce it in greater quantities High short term performance can be achieved by creating new products that are significantly cheaper or superior and that cannot be easily imitated by competitors. In this case Bigwigs can produce lesser kilograms pesticide like 1 keg, egg and even 0. keg pesticide so as to cater for all target customers. The company’s goals and objectives can only be achieved by creating satisfied customers. To emphasis on Inter-functional coordination by using all company resources to create value for the target customers. This can be achieved by making long term investments in relationships with its employees, distributors and suppliers. As the overriding business objective, focusing on long term profit making is critical. Ensuring that the information collected about customers is widely circulated and communicated throughout the company and the different departments in the company work effectively together to serve customers’ needs.

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