Difference betweeen marketing concept and selling concept Assignment

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From the stated definitions, it is quite evident that during selling, the price of the product or service and the buyer’s need are parallel and whereas during marketing, the price and the buyer’s need cross paths as the seller tries to meet the buyer’s need at a competitive price. In a nutshell, one can say that during selling, a customer’s needs aren’t considered while during buying, the customer’s needs are given consideration. Besides the difference stated above, there are many other differences that differentiate the selling concept from the marketing concept and some of them

Include: (l) The selling concept alms at selling what the producer has or needs and not necessarily a product or service that the buyer wants while the marketing concept aims at marketing a product or service that meets the needs of the buyer instead of what the producer has to sell. 2 (II) Another major difference between the marketing and selling concept is that the selling concept places emphasis on the needs of the producer whereas the marketing concept emphasizes the needs of the buyer.

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Here is a simple example to help illustrate this point. Under the selling incept, a seller will try as much as possible to sell the funds of a found house simply because they are available whereas under the marketing concept, a growth fund for child education could instead be started with the same funds (ill) The selling concept employs tactics whereas the marketing concept makes use of strategies.

Selling makes use of short term tactics so as to get and Increase sales for example free gifts, discounts, bribes, rebates and so many others whereas marketing telltales long term strategies as a means to get sales for example value-added service, customer education, meeting objectives, after-sales services and so many others. (iv) The selling concept starts with the seller and its focus is on existing products, it being seller-oriented. The seller believes in aggressive selling and other promotions and customer value or satisfaction are no concern for the seller.

The firm produces the products first and then figures out ways to sell and make profits. On the other hand, the marketing concept starts with the customer and the seller strives to learn customer needs and wants, develops appropriate products or services to satisfy the customer. Business Is viewed as a customer need satisfying activity. All departments coordinate their activities and the focus Is on customer needs. Profits are an outcome of doing the Job well by the company.

In summary, the selling concept Is seller oriented and the buyers needs are the last thing on the seller’s mind whereas under product or service but at the same time satisfying their needs and wants profitably. The marketing evolution process. Marketing as we know it today isn’t the same way it was in the past. To reach where it is right now, it had to go through a series of stages or eras. These stages were experienced in selling, marketing, production as well as the product and they will be expounded on in this paper. I) Production: marketing started out as a way of producing the largest quantity of good but in the most effective way possible. This led businesses to assume that consumers would be more than ready to buy products that were not only inexpensive but also easy to find. So firms made sure that they opened as many outlets as possible so as to distribute their products or offer their services and up to present day, some firms still use this strategy in developing and emerging markets with low labor costs.

Product: the concept of the product was born as a result of producers thinking that consumers will only buy products that are superior and this superiority was to be achieved through better quality, performance as well as innovation and this strategy is still being used in present day society with he use of comparative advertising and market leaders who introduce new inventions. Firms primarily focus on developing a product and fine tuning its features. Other marketing strategies, such as pricing, distribution and promotion are after thoughts. Iii) Selling: Selling is a stage in marketing evolution that associates this practice with pushy salespeople, intrusive telemarketers and obnoxious advertising. It is the idea that consumers do not know what they want and will not purchase products unless prompted. The selling concept focuses on making the sights amount of profit possible by increasing sales volume. It does not focus on the consumer’s wants and needs. Selling pushes product that the manufacturers produce.

Firms often use the selling concept when the amount of produced goods exceeds market demand (iv) Marketing: the marketing concept focuses solely on finding out what the consumer’s needs are then going ahead to develop a product or service that can meet those needs. Firms go ahead and conduct research projects to find out what the consumer needs instead of making a product or service without any knowledge about what the consumers need and then hoping that people will still purchase that very product.

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