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Use third person business writing! No “I”, “we”, “you”, etc. Use MLA style citation! MARKETING PLAN STRUCTURE Title Page (0 points) Executive Summary (5 points) 1 Major aspects of the marketing plan, expected outcomes and budget (Describe the substance of the plan, do not list the parts. ) Table of Contents (requires page numbers) (0 points) Product Statement (5 points) Environmental Analysis 1 Analysis of the External Environment (30 points) 1 Industry Trends???looks at the current situation in the industry, including size, trends, outlook (expanding, stagnant, contracting) 2 Competitive Trends Brand These are Brand Competitors because. …(include complete description of the product, how it is marketed and the financial situation of the company) 2 Product These are Product Competitors because… (include complete description of the product, how it is marketed and the financial situation of the company) 3 Generic These are Generic Competitors because…(bullet point list is sufficient) 4 Total Budget Competitors These are TBC because… (bullet point list is sufficient) 3 Technological Trends (include technology of the industry, regardless of your company employing it or not. 4 Economic Trends (must have leading economic indicators, including interest rate trends, unemployment trends for the region or country, inflation, consumer confidence index, and other relevant indicators. ) 5 Political, Legal, and Regulatory Trends 6 Cultural/Societal/ Demographic Trends (This should be a very powerful section backed with data. ) 1 Lifestyle Trends 2 Demographic Trends 3 Cultural Values Trends Analysis of the Customer Environment (10 points) 1 Who? 2 How Many? 3 What? 4 Where? 5 When? 6 Why and How? 7 Why Non-Customers?

Analysis of the Internal (organizational) Environment (10 points) (This section should be broken into appropriate subheadings. See the Marketing Plan Format for suggested topics. All projects must include Current Marketing Programs. ) SWOT Analysis (20 points) (All items in the SWOT must be previously identified in the External, Customer, and Internal Analyses. Do not introduce new information here! If it is important, go back and put it into the appropriate section! ) 1 Strengths 2 Weaknesses 3 Opportunities 4 Threats Issues Analysis (10 points) (Do not ask and answer the questions in the Marketing Plan Format.

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Those are to stimulate your thinking. Identify the key issues for your company. ) Marketing Goals and Objectives (10 points) 1 Marketing Goals (qualitative) 2 Marketing Objectives (quantitative) Marketing Strategies 1 Target Market Definition (Must have geographic segmentation and two of the following segmentation techniques for each market: demographic, psychographic, benefits sought, usage) (25 points) 1 Primary Market???What is the size of the market? 1 First method of segmentation 2 Second method of segmentation 2 Secondary Market???What is the size of the market? 1 First method of segmentation 2 Second method of segmentation Strategy statement (10 points) 1 Positioning Statement (See the handout from the Positioning Strategy lecture for appropriate format. ) 2 Value proposition Marketing Implementation (30 points) 1 Action Plans???10 required Marketing Budget (10 points) Rank the action plans in order of importance and defend budget request. The defense should be a strong persuasive argument with the rationale clearly understood by the reader. The defense should be for the total budget amount requested, not by individual action plans. Appropriate analysis may include industry averages, break-even analysis, or actual marketing budget.

What We Learned (5 points) This should be one page of information that you wish to share with me and with future students who may review your project. You may write this collectively or individually. Work Cited page (Required) Other Factors 1 Professionalism (Spelling, grammar, written presentation) (10 points) 2 Creativity (5 points) 3 Internal Consistency (Does the plan make sense? Does each section build on the previous section? ) (5 points) Action Plan Outline Title: The title of the action plan should describe the content. Objective: What will this program accomplish?

Which of the goals and objectives does this plan support? Target Market: At which market or markets is this program aimed? Description of the Program: What are the steps being taken to accomplish the objective? A rich, detailed description is required. Who: Who is responsible for carrying out this program? (Name of person or position) Timing: When will the program take place? (Start and stop dates or ongoing) Budget: How much will the program cost? (Research actual cost and describe. Do not guess! ) Measurement: How will the effectiveness of this program be measured?

How will the company know that it was successful? Important Note on Writing Action Plans Is this plan a marketing plan or an operational plan? It is easy to get confused. Ask yourself if what you are proposing can be paid for out of the marketing budget. If not, it is probably not considered marketing’s responsibility. The Marketing Plan should use third person business writing. No “we, our, you” Do not use contractions in business writing! All data, charts, graphs, etc. must be properly cited. See the home page of the USF Library website for guides to Citing Sources and for information on plagiarism. Use MLA style.

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