Plan de Marketing SWP Assignment

Plan de Marketing SWP Assignment Words: 368

Executive Summary (Complete this section of your plan last. Go straight to Section 2 of this plan. Return to the Executive Summary when you have completed all other sections. ) A. Purpose of the plan (e. G. Establish mission, vision, goals and objectives for WARS Group in the next three years. ) B. Company description I. Company name n. Products and services “I. Current/future structure C. Market description I. Target markets (geographic, demographic, segments) Competitors 2. Mission Statement (Current WARS mission statement or a revised statement created by you. 3.

Company Objectives (Objectives should include the goal sought, the index used for measurement, the target to be achieved and the timeshare in which the target is to be achieved. ) I. General company objectives it. Marketing objectives Operations objectives iii. ;v. Finance objectives v. Human resources objectives 4. Market Analysis and Strategies your Phase 1 Strategic Analysis and how you plan to deal with them. ) A. Environment economic factors B. Business environment C. Sector/market analysis Macro I. Describe the potential of the industry, outlook and trends and how you intend to session WARS in relation to these it.

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Describe WARS Groups’ products and services, market position in its different sectors as you see them in three years time iii. Competitive analysis and how you see that shifting a. Market segments served by competitors b. Strengths and weaknesses c. Capabilities – marketing, financial, creative, production, other d. Current and future competitive threats D. Marketing activities I. Overall marketing strategies that will deliver your company objectives in the next three years a. Geographic strategy b. Segmentation strategy c. Pricing strategy d. Growth strategy 5.

Operations and Environmental Sustainability A. How operations need to change in order to deliver your plan B. Environmental/sustainability issues that may impact on the WARS Groups’ operations 6. Structure and Key Management Personnel A. Issues with the organization structure and your plans to retain or change this B. Skills/experience that give strength to the WARS Group that you need to retain C. Obvious weaknesses in the WARS team and how you will overcome them A. Projections for the next three/four years B. Key assumptions made in prospective financial forecast

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