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With the new forms of technology, new discoveries were being made along with a growing movement of people trying to find practical applications for Hess new discoveries. They needed a basic transportation system; the third necessity they needed for an industrial revolution. They needed large work force to work in the factories, fields, and natural resource mines as well as to purchase the consumer goods. The British Empire had control of one fifth of the world’s population so it made it easy for them to have a large work force behind them.

The country needs a surplus Of money to invest, which the British Empire had due to the agricultural revolution they had had before (approve. 1750-1850). They needed inventive men and women to produce the new manufactured goods and think of new discoveries. Lastly, is a favorable government, which the empire had during the 20th century. “The system of parliamentary government provided the background for stable investment”. The parliament supported new scientific breakthroughs and believed that they could make great wealth though industry and also supported their people opening new businesses.

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Because Britain had all the necessary items for the revolution, that is why it was so successful. Although other countries et the measures, not many countries met all seven or fulfilled all seven as well as the British did which is why they impacted us the most. The wealth of the world was in the north or in the first world countries. The richest countries were the ones that were able to grow more than the others. As Britain was rich, when they industrialized, this industrialized or influenced other rich countries to industrialized shortly after they did.

The richest countries then influenced the third world countries that were colonized underneath them or the third world countries didn’t grow as much as the rather countries did. Globalization was strongly connected and affected by the impact that the British Industrial Revolution had on the world. Although the Industrial Revolution only began in the British Empire, as the industrialization began to grow and then spread to neighboring countries and then far away.

The boost in creative thinkers lead to new ideas and inventions and discoveries. These thinkers made new technology so communication was made easier through out the world by means of telephones, telegraphs and eventually email. New forms of transport such as faster jets, trains and boats ere all invented which made forms of communicated easier as well as easier to transport goods to other countries. Countries began in this way to increase their imports and exports by means of transport.

They made more money for their economy off of this switching of imports and exports. A better economy meant more jobs and employment for those who hadn’t had the opportunity before. More money in the economy meant more money to plant bigger and better crops with, this leads to a bigger export and then more many and therefore the cycle of growth contain uses. The inventive thinkers create more ND more advanced technology then the last piece they created, needing more employees to build them, more exports of their ideas.

As globalization is defined as growth on a global scale, we can see how the revolution which started only by the British having the necessary materials to start growth in industry soon leading to more money, jobs, imports, exports, communication, technology and now that people could support themselves; a growing population. Electricity was invented during the time of the industrial revolution and this was perhaps one of the most important inventions to impact the 20th century. Electricity goes on to help light up and power more factories and machines.

New electronic inventions such as the washing machine wouldn’t have been invented and everything would have been washed by hand; lamps replaced candlelight and cars replaced horse drawn wagons. Engines were another vital creation to mankind. Engines powered the new jets, boats and trains that moved people and items too and from far away places making long distance travel possible. There was not many factories built until the time of the revolution. Since globalization is growth on a global scale, factories would contribute to globalization.

Factories made everyday life more efficient and the outcome of other factories also improved everyday life in terms of how fast and easy task could be done. Efficiency is what keeps pushing globalization forward as everyone is looking for a simpler way to do tasks. There is good and bad about what the British Empire’s revolution did for the world on a global scale. The economy grew which is a good thing for everyone including those third world countries whose means f living come from the money they make on what they can ship out and on their fair trade products.

The imports and exports were the cause of this growth in money, which is also a positive side that the countries are able to sell their products to neighboring and far away countries. This is how country treaties and agreements are made and it helps keep the peace on a global scale. New technology from the innovative thinkers leads to medical and scientific advancements that can help the sick and therefore less people getting sick means a larger population.

Communication is important to all human beings and for countries to be able to keep up quick communications and have foreign affairs this is also good with getting along with the other countries. When a taxing world issue such as a government uprising or terrorism is afoot, then other countries can hear about it and come to their aid immediately. These are all the positive points. There are a few negative points in terms of the new amount of environmental pressure the world was under in the 20th century.

The first article on green house gases came out ND people realized that the large population consuming so many materials and the industries prod icing and shipping so many exports was having taxing effects on the environment. The fact that things can be communicated very quickly also means that false information and rumors can be spread around via the computer and telephone very quickly. The large population is rapidly using the earth’s natural source of food and water for themselves and in a number of years these resources will have completely diminished.

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