Vaishya Cate System of Hinduism Assignment

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The Vista Caste was originally designed to farm and gather food for their city. In Hindu texts, the people of this caste are assigned architectural roles such as the herding and creating of animals as well as farming and making food. It is suspected that the Aryans brought the Caste System ideology with them when they migrated to India. The Aryans disregarded local culture and divided themselves into three groups: warriors, priests, and farmers; leaving the locals to be outcasts or reverts.

This explains the four classes. The people of the Vista Caste vary from broke, hardworking farmers to rich landlords. Because of this, it is a very large, very diverse community. But however how rich or poor, members of this class are considered to Just be simple commoners. Because of this, t is very much like the middle class in America. They are often vegetarian and very religious. People in this caste are often cattle herders, merchants, and bankers.

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Because this caste is so large, there are so many Jobs these people can choose from. However, it is sacrilegious for people in this caste to refuse to herd cattle; if they do they will be outcasts, so most are still agriculturalists. No matter what, all people are expected to have a certain skill, trade, or profession. They are always expected to be experts in their field of work. In order to leave this caste system and go to another, one must make certain sections in their lifetime and Karma will decide the fate of one’s next life.

You cannot change castes during your lifetime; rather it’s a reincarnation after reincarnation system. Make good decisions and your next life may be birthed into a higher class. Make bad decisions and you will be in a lower class or even be an animal. Much like Buddhism, the ultimate goal is to reach Nirvana, the end of all reincarnations and struggles. Vista Cater System of Hinduism By Sadie-Harrow

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