Belief Systems: Islam and Hinduism Assignment

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The founder of Islam was the prophet Mohammad. It is a monotheistic religion, which is the belief in one God. The book of the Curran and the Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation on which strong Islamic culture and sense of community are built on. These strong characteristics are brought to light by the Shari, which is Islamic canonical law. The Five Pillars of Islam gave a structure to Islamic religion. They are based on the ideals of profession of faith, prayer, alimenting, fasting, and a hajj, which is the act of making a pilgrimage to he city of Mecca.

For example, each follower is expected to pray five times a day facing Mecca. Other restrictions such as not drinking alcohol and not eating pork shape the lives of many. Hinduism is an ancient religion which represents a blend of influence of traditional Indian beliefs. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, which is the belief in many gods. Although the religion is polytheistic, Hindus believe in the concept of these many gods being unified under the power force of one spirit, known s the brahmas.

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Hinduism provided order and stability through the development of the caste system. The caste system divided people by their class. At the top of this “pyramid” were the priests and religious leaders. Next were the warriors, followed by the landowners and merchants. The step below that were the “untouchables”, the lowest of the low. Tasks such as butchering and cleaning up feces were done by the people in this class. Hinduism is also associated with reincarnation.

The way incarnation worked was that if you had good karma and dharma, you could move up a step in the caste system “pyramid”. Even though the caste system is outlawed today, it is unfortunately still practiced in India. Both Islam and Hinduism are belief systems that have shaped their nations, providing a sense of community to the people that choose to follow it. They have played a huge role in the development of the world and still continue to affect the world today. Belief Systems: Islam and Hinduism By orphaned

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