Rise of Christianity Assignment

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The rise of Christianity is one of the greatest success stories in world history. What started with one man and his twelve disciples is now the largest religion in the world, with almost a quarter of the world’s population adhering to the faith. There are many reasons as to why Christianity had the success that it did in its early years. Including the origins of the religion, the radicalized of Jesus (the founder of Christianity), the teachings of Jesus, the treatment and persecution of early Christians, and the impact of the Edict of Milan.

The origins of Christianity are centered on the ministry of Jesus Christ, a Jewish carpenter from Galilee. Thus, much of the religion is based off of teachings of the Jewish Bible and belief in the same God. Jesus was viewed as radical by many of the Jews for claiming to be the Son of God. This was a very bold statement because it was considered heresy, and it stirred up much controversy amongst the Pharisees. Also, the teachings of Jesus had a big effect on its growth because they were encouraging and offered salvation and entrance to heaven to those who would sites.

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Early Christians were fiercely persecuted by the Jews and the Roman government and were often put to death for their faith, though they treated each other very well and cared for one another, which strengthened the faith in the long run. Persecution came to an end though after the Edict of Milan, which legalized Christianity in the Roman world. This was the catalyst that sparked the spread across the entire empire until it eventually became the official state religion of the Roman Empire, thus completing Its rise to the top.

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