Christianity and Judaism Assignment

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Essay World Religions Christianity and Judaism To believe in God and only one God is a practice among many religions. Christianity and Judaism are Just the names of a few. To have and believe in a God has led the life of many people. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, she was told he would be the Messiah. His name was Jesus. Many was Jewish hoped he would come to save them from the Roman Tyranny. Christianity and Judaism have salary and different moral codes, set of believes, and ritual and observation. Heartlands and Jews tooth believe In on God and they both live off parts of the bible. It tells them how to follow Christianity and Judaism. Both religions groups followed the Old Testament which Is the first part of the Jewish bible and they both also follow the Ten Commandments. Christians and Jews do have some differences Christians worship In a church, while synagogue Is the place of worship for the Jews. The Jews celebrate Ross Hosanna which is the Jewish New Year. Christians celebrate Christmas. Which is the birth of Jesus and Easter which is his restriction.

Christians lived there life according to the bible the believe the bile is the authority of living a good life. Christians believed that Jesus achieved victory over death and that he died for our sins. Jews believed that God made them his chosen ones. The Jewish way of life is based on the values of the Torah. Three Torah is the law of the Jewish faith. The Jews also maintained a strict diet. The food is called Kosher which means “Fit”. According toadyism rituals and observations, Jews pray three times a day.

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The Jews prayer book is called the Kiddush. Sabbath is considered a holy day for the Jews it goes form Friday sunrise to the following Saturday night. Services are conducted by a Rabbi called Yarmulke and a prayer Shaw with tassels at the end of both ends called a tells. Christians have a service conducted in a church followed by a pastor. Conducting service or also known as the sermon. The most popular symbol by the Christians is the cross. After his death according the bible Jesus rose from the dead three days later.

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