Reflection: Christianity and Church Assignment

Reflection: Christianity and Church Assignment Words: 342

My current understanding of God and Jesus is relatively the same as the tradition In which I was raised. I believe that I have a better feel for my religion now because I am more mature and it is easier for me to understand the Church’s teachings. When I was younger, I Just attended Church but I never actually participated In the celebration. Now, I still believe in Catholicism, but I also believe in science.

My experience in the Church Is related most closely to the five “Characteristics of the Early Church. ” The five “Characteristics of the Early Church” are the essential and most basic characteristics that the Church of Jesus Christ had at Its beginning, but still stands so for me. One characteristic that Is Important to me Is “Centered In Jesus Christ. ” At the Church’s beginning, many people experienced Jesus Christ first hand, or had heard stories about him from people who were fortunate enough to been around Jesus.

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The iris characteristic relates to my own experience because through the Church, I have heard stories about Jesus’ life and teachings and I can now put my trust in him. “Bonded in Community” is another characteristic that relates to my own experience of the Church. Early Christian communities had very loving lifestyles where they shared with each other and bonded through Christ. Jesus set the precedent where his followers would love one another and share. The second characteristic relates to me because the Church still promotes these same ideas ,000 years later. Service” is also another characteristic that plays an important part in my relation to the Church. Jesus taught his disciples to self-sacrifice and provide humble-service. He believed sacrifice and service were central to the Christian way of life. I relate to the “Service” characteristic because I have volunteered and helped my Church and my school in order to help those less fortunate and in need of help. Through these events, I have become closer with others, the Church, and ultimately Jesus.

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