Churches do to become a better reflection of Christianity Assignment

Churches do to become a better reflection of Christianity Assignment Words: 397

We must acknowledge that as a church, we need to become better. Unless we admit that we need to improve, we will never strive to be a better reflection of Christianity. As a church, we should help each other point out what is causing our weaknesses and shortcomings in unity and in humility. Never be content. Seek for improvement on a regular basis. As a diverse group with collective beliefs, how can we work as united Christians? What can we do to be a better brother or sister to our fellow church members? How can we help our neighbors? What can we do for our community?

How can we show non-believers that the Christian life Is the life they should follow? How can we be a better reflection of our church and of Christianity? These are some questions that we should ask together and seek the answers, together. When outsiders and non-believers see that we are united, they too shall witness God’s love that binds us Christians as one big church, one big family. ) “Sadly, without the atmosphere of revival, many Christians lapse into something inferior to the Christian norm. Christian culture declines. (Towns, peg 131) Towns pointed out that with the absence of the atmosphere of revival, Christians fall out of the Christian path. My question is: why must revival end? This is a common mistake most churches do. As soon as the mission was fulfilled, we walk away thinking that what we had started/had Just revived will flourish on its own. My challenge, therefore, is continuous revival. Pursue revival not only to the outsiders, non-believers and the nest that have left the Christian path, but also within the people of our church.

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When a farmer plants his crops, he does not leave it to tend on its own, he will continue visiting his crops, trim the weeds that surround it, water the plants, and make sure that it has what it needs to grow and thrive. We are like the farmer, and our church is our crop, we are responsible for the growth and progress of our Christian community. We should never cease reviving our church or our community. If we keep that light burning, we will be able to keep our church inspired in working together to be better Christians and followers of Jesus Christ.

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