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Mere Christianity Reflection Paper There are many different beliefs when it comes to religion. In the novel “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis, the author discusses the many different points of view when it comes to Christianity. He breaks the boundaries when it comes to religion. Lewis talks about the many issues, such as morals and pride, and gives his understanding of all those topics. The further you read, the more you open your eyes to new views and explanations of what Christianity really is.

In Book One, Lewis discusses the conscience mind set humans have of right and wrong. Many people believed that ethics and morality needed something more than just another human being; they found the need for a Tao, or a God. The Tao is the abolition of man. Lewis proves that the Tao is very universal and cross-cultural and he does this by lining up quotes from different cultures and shows that they are basically the same. They all believe in a higher being. He also explains the standard of behavior and that even relativist fall for this standard.

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Lewis states that all humans have natural instinct, but the difference between us and other animals is that we have a choice other than just relying on natural instinct. Animals simply have the Law of Instinct, whereas we also have the Law of Human Nature that is inscribed in our brains. Humans often catch themselves debating between the two laws. The Nazi’s for example knew what they were doing to the Jew’s was morally and ethically unjust but they still did what they did.

In Book two, Lewis converts from the Tao to Christianity. Lewis confronts some of the arguments that have been brought up by Atheists, and concludes that their statements do not add up or make sense. According to Lewis, he believes there is a huge difference when it comes to Pantheists and Christians. Pantheists believe that God animates the world and that the world mostly is God, whereas Christians believe quite the opposite. Christians believe that God made up the universe and created everything on it.

Lewis also explains that religion tells us that we cannot follow the Tao but should still try, while Christianity looks for a more logical remedy for sin. In the end, he brings up the question that, If God is all powerful why does he not just put an end to all evil. The author believes that God is more than capable of doing that, but because he gave us free will it is our choice to have evil in our society. He goes on to explain that the Lord does interfere in our lives but in very subtle ways. When the Messiah decides to openly interfere with our lives, it will be the end of our world

In books one and two of “Mere Christianity”, Lewis gives great insight into what Christianity truly means. Because the Devil does exist, being a Christian will never be an easy task. God gave individuals an insight to what is right and what is wrong, but sin has the capability to overpower one’s morals and ethics and convince them to do what they know is wrong. Because the Lord loves us so much he died on the cross for us, giving us the power to make our own choices. As Christians we are the body of Christ and should act and behave as if we are.

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