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Living my life as a Christian Christians are taught through the teachings of Jesus and the disciples that follow him to love one and other and the God is almighty. There are many different forms of Christianity and they differ significantly from one extreme to the other, and they also differ from the modern version to the conservative. Just like in Judaism, Christians come together for worship and holy days. Most Christians reserve Sundays as their day of worship in remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection.

During Sunday worship there is usually a reading from the bible and then the sermon performed by a minister or rises. Sacred rituals that Christians participate in are: baptism, confirmation, confession, marriages and funerals. There are sacred times throughout the year that Christians reserve as sacred holy days. In the spring holy week is observed starting with Palm Sunday which represents Jesus entering Jerusalem. Amanda Thursday is next with a celebration that reflects on the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples.

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This is where he broke bread and served the wine in remembrance of him. The bread represents Christ body and the wine represents the blood of Christ as it was shed for you. On Good Friday Christians are reminded of the time Jesus spent on the cross suffering and finally dying. Easter Sunday has an early sunrise service with the celebration of the resurrection. An Advent wreath is put out four weeks prior to Christmas as the worship services are being read from the Old Testament in preparation for the coming messiah.

December 25th is recognized as the birth of Jesus, but to be honest we don’t know for sure when Jesus’ actually birth is. Christmas brings out songs, nativity sconces reenacting the birth of Jesus in a manager and the exchanging of gifts. I was born into a Methodist family and have lived my entire life as a Methodist Christian. In my family we have several very conservative Methodists with the rest of us in the more modern time of Methodists. My grandmother and my uncle are what we would call the old school of Methodist Christianity.

My grandma is very against gambling and drinking of alcohol, which are both forbidden in the church’s eyes. My uncle is very proud of the fact that he has never had a drink of alcohol in all of his years. I remember when we went to a Lutheran wedding once and we took communion and when he figured out that they served wine instead of the grape Juice e were use to being served he quickly went to the bathroom to spit out the wine. I may not be as strict of a Methodist as my uncle and grandma, but I do uphold a lot of the same beliefs.

My love for God is shown by attending worship services, prayers, and interacting with others with the same beliefs. “God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life” Cohn 3:16). I believe that God has a taken away our sins of the past and continue to do so in the future. Muff shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 2:31). Treat people now you want to be treated. God’s love is blinded to people o t deterrent race, ethnic background, age, and people of different religions. I wish the rest of the world could say the same.

With being an active member in the Methodist church and taken confirmation class in the past there weren’t too many things in the class discussions that were new to me. One thing that I have always wanted a little more clarification on was Christianity view on Homosexuality. Homosexuality in the church has been a very heated discussion over the years. The more traditional Christians feel that homosexuality is a sin, because that is what the Bible tells us. The new liberal Christians feel that the bible has been misinterpret over the years, or they were read looking for what they wanted to see only.

Some conservative Christians may accept homosexual orientation, but would prefer the homosexual to live a life of celibacy. The Catholic Church has recently been trying to stop homosexual men from being priest to hopefully stop child molestation/sex abuse cases. The liberal Christians feel that we as a society already break or condemn other rules why should we be hypocrites about homosexuals. Committing adultery is one of the Ten Commandments, but still people do it. The vows that are spoken at a wedding in rent of hundreds of people and God strictly say “till death do us apart. But yet divorce marriages in this country are still rising, and yet no one is making a big deal out of it or trying to stop it like homosexuality. So how do Christians feel about homosexuality: I guess a complete answer would be it all depends on your faith and what you believe to be true? Do you believe that God loves everyone regardless of different race, ethnic background, and sexual orientation? Or do you believe when the Bible was written it was talking about love and marriage it was only regarding between a man and a woman.

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