Christianity and Church Assignment

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The front of the building is full of windows. You could tell they were nice and clean with well upkeep. The cross that stood in front of the building was taller than the Church Itself. The parking lot filled with cars to where It was hard to find parking. Walking Into the Church you cannot help but to notice how the greeters new that It was your first time ever there. They gave hugs and welcomed you with open arms. They made me feel very welcome, loved, and wanted.

They handed me a booklet that loud help me follow along with the service so that way I did not feel out of place or not understand what was going on. I was able to see the members of the Church placing only their right hand into a bowl of water and making the sign of the cross. I asked one of the members why this was done, they stated “it is a reminder of our Baptism, at every mass we renew our promises to die to sin. ” Walking into the main room where the service would be held was breath taking. Pain glass windows of Christ were all along the walls.

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Statues of Christ on the cross stood behind the podium. Many of the members bowed to the altar before taking their seats. After seeing this, curiosity on why this was according came to me. I quietly asked the person sitting next to me why they did this and they said, “Back In the medieval times In Europe It was custom to get down on one knee before a King or someone with power. So now we get down on one knee to honor the altar and the presence of Christ. ” When the service started everyone stood to their feet. They all started to sing.

By singing they showed joyful ship and brought the Church together by their rhythm. The priest then asked everyone to make the sign of the cross again Just as we did when first entering the Church. So for the second time, they remembered the Baptism and the promises to die to sin. He then stated “The Lord be with you. ” During the service everyone was still and quite. If I were to drop a pen everyone in the Church would be able to hear it. It was not an awkward silence but one to where you could feel everyone’s attention on the priest and what he was saying.

After the first part of the Mass we were asked to recall our common and our need for salvation. The priest then asked us to Join our together In prayer. After about one minute of silence, he said a prayer for the whole Church. You could hear everyone say Amen after he was done. We then proceeded to read from the book of Hebrews, sung a reading we all stood to our feet. After the reading the priest then stated again “The Lord be with you” He introduced the Gospel reading while himself and the members of the Church marked a small cross on their forehead, lips and heart with his thumb all while praying in silence.

After his reading he stated “The Gospel of the Lord” and everyone else responded with “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ,” then everyone sat back down in their seats. After that we all sat down for what they call the “Homily’. We all then sat there in silence and then everyone started to say a profession of faith and how Christ gave his life for us. Again everyone stared praying, after their prayer I heard some of the members state “Lord, hear our prayers. ” Then I noticed people were bringing items up to the Alter.

I again asked the person next to me why this was done. They stated “The early Christians brought bread and wine from home to be given to the ministry and the poor. ” “Now we bring these offerings to the altar with the bread and wine to be used for the sacrifice. ” Next I observed the priest place bread and wine on a table. He then mixed up water in with the wine and washed his hands. We were all then invited by the priest to pray that the sacrifices may be acceptable to God. Everyone then responded back with Amen.

At the ending of that I heard the priest yet again state “The Lord be with you,” He asked the Church if we were all ready to come to the table and renew our baptism and offer ourselves to God? He stated “Lift up your hearts” and everyone responded saying they were prepared to do so. He then stated “We lift them up to the Lord” and the Church responded with “It is right and Just. ” The Priest again began to pray. The members of he Church followed suit. He started asking the Holy Spirit to change the gifts of wine and bread into the Body and Blood of Christ.

Next the Church started to pray for the bishop of Rome and for the bishop of the Church. They also prayed for the living, the dead and their self. The Church was then doing communion. The members were all invited to come to the altar. They stated the prayer “Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. ” All while this was going on a hymn was being played. After everything was done, again the Church fell into a silent prayer. The Priest then began to pray, when he was finished everyone then stated Amen.

Before the closing of the service the put out announcements of what was coming up. The priest then again said “The Lord be with you” Everyone then bowed their heads for blessing. The priest named the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and made the sign of the cross. The priest then stated “Go in peace. ” Everyone responded with “Thanks be to God. ” While walking out of the Church the members were Just as friendly as when I arrived. Some shook my hand and some gave hugs. They asked me how I enjoyed myself and if I would be back again next Sunday.

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