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In addition, this essay shall examine the competitors of HP In the Chinese locale, the features of the Chinese market, and the marketing strategies of Hips competitors in China. It is necessary to define some critical terms that are relevant to the analysis of this essay. Integrated marketing communications Involves displaying an Idea that relates to marketing communications planning. It distinguishes the benefits extensive plans and it scrutinizes the strategic functions of different communication disciplines (Fill 2002).

The marketing communications mix deals with the consolidation of the specific sixes and these are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing (Risking-Brown 2006). The firm applies the features of the market communication mix to achieve the set marketing and advertising objectives. There is no prescribed formula for stability when working with brands globally. Peculiar Characteristics of Customers in the Chinese Market The Chinese customers exhibit unique traits, and It Is paramount for HP to conduct an In-depth review of the consumer trends In china.

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The first feature that pertains to the Chinese customers is regional diversity (Shims 2010). China incorporates three primary locales. Of these three locales, the most lucrative segment Is the target market In the coastline region. The locale includes urban areas Like Belling, Shanghai, and Guanos. The sales figures that pertain to this particular area are relatively higher. However, the rural natives comprise a higher percentage of the Chinese people. Ironically, the prevalent sales volumes in the rural regions are meager.

Secondly, the Chinese consumers save a higher proportion of their earnings, and this tends to decrease the levels of demand (Smith & Taylor 2004), The sales volumes attained by enterprises in such regions may be very low. It is necessary for HP to implement effective strategies that will persuade customers to spend, and not to retain their earnings. Furthermore, the general rate of consumption among Chinese consumers Is low. The Chinese population Is steadily increasing, but the rates of demand do not correspond to these subsequent upturns in population growth (Shims 2010).

In addition, the framework of consumption among Chinese customers is unbalanced. More intently, it is complex to determine the consumer trends In the Chinese locale. Marketing Communication Strategies That Will Enable HP to Gain a Competitive Edge In China The HP management has to examine the features of the Chinese market, and this 1 OFF Asia-Pacific region is completely distinct from the American and European locales (Smith & Taylor 2004). More intently, in China the target market is more responsive to messages of self-recognition and rewards.

It is necessary for HP to execute these procedures, and these procedures will guarantee the success of HP in China. The Marketing communication strategy has to incorporate several elements. These elements include building a strong brand culture, compliance to the local dynamics n China, and HP has to deliver a message to the Chinese clientele (Blackman 2009). Moreover, HP has to adopt a global culture and it has to understand the Chinese audience. More intently, HP should adapt to the nation’s practices, adopt the Chinese culture, and the company has to nurture a global mindset.

A marketing communications strategy has to include all these features. HP is a multinational company, and it has to conduct an in-depth examination of a particular target market before it consolidates any new ventures. The Chinese companies that pertain to data innovation have become very vibrant (Risking-Brown 2006). Recently Leno, Ago, Haste, Cotta, and Sapphire revamped their marketing communications strategies. HP has to evaluate the marketing strategies of these companies at regular intervals. In addition, the company has to exhibit extreme levels of innovation and creativity, and this will ascertain Hips stability in China.

The Marketing Messages, Campaigns, and Media That HP should apply in China The computer manufacturing companies in China implement specific strategies. Their marketing approaches incorporate various methods. These procedures combine strategic planning, adaptable and resource-oriented processes, and opportunistic production processes based on existing operation capabilities and client relationship (Fill 2002). HP has to implement the use of marketing messages, and this will enable the company to expand and diversify its’ products.

The marketing messages include themes and appeals that aim to persuade particular customers. The appeals include rational appeals, emotional appeals, and moral appeals. HP has to conduct numerous marketing campaigns in China. The marketing campaigns incorporate advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and in some cases customers get extra benefits such as pensioners (Smith & Taylor 2004). In China, the target market is more responsive to personal messages and reward mechanisms.

The most efficient procedures to implement would be personal selling and direct marketing. It is necessary for HP to apply an integrated form of marketing campaigns, and it has to conduct multiple advertisements. Advertisements navigate across wide geographical areas, and these advertisements will add value to Hips products (Shims 2010). The marketing media includes print and broadcast media, cinema and radio, digital media, and the internet. The internet is of much value, and HP should utilize social media sites like Faceable, Twitter, Google+, and IRS.

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