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Public relations not only keep the cuisines image but also serve as a way of communicating messages to the public. “Public relations strategists will work with top executives in the organization to craft an overview of how the company wants to be perceived, and how it is going to project a positive image” (Winston). This means that they need to focus ion transmitting the right message, and deciding how they are going to transmit the message across. Public Relations often use the media as a way of delivering the messages to the public. Public relations professionals field questions from reporters, arrange for interviews with key individuals in the organization and write press leases to make the media aware of company events or achievements” (Winston). One of the primary purposes of public relations is to enhance the business good use of social media in order to build a positive image. This includes the management of Face book, twitter, or Youth account as media channel that can help them to connect better with the customers. One of the most SUCCessfUl public relations campaigns has been from Dove, which was the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Its campaign for real beauty challenged people to hold classes with young girls in their communities and revived resources for non-profits and schools” (Marketing). Dove also used public relations in there the famous Tick Box and the video Dove Real Beauty Sketches. “In September of 2004, Dove, a personal care brand, launched the Campaign for Real Beauty, which aimed to widen the definition of beauty and improve the self-esteem of women and girls all over the World” (Loren). This campaign support Dove in the way that, they wanted to make women to feel prettier by challenging today’s perception of beauty.

What made this campaign successful was that the company didn’t focused on the product itself, they focused on making women all over the world feel more beautiful and more confident. Dove used many types of media such as videos, advertisements, and seminars in order for the message to reach the public. In 2004, Dove’s campaigned showed a “Tick Box”. These Tick Box allowed women to get involved in the campaign and give their opinions or questions about whether women were wrinkled or wonderful, fit or fat, 44 not hot or 44 hot. “The campaign aimed to target women and girls to celebrate their natural beauty.

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The PR strategy used in the Tick Box campaign is the action assembly theory’ (Loren). Two years later, Dove decided to present the Evolution commercial as a fundamental part of their Beauty Campaign. “The Evolution commercial was a one-minute, wordless video fast-forwarding the process of turning an average woman into a made-over, photo shopped billboard model” (Clone). Again in here, public relations were used to expose the real truth of the creation of the commercial. In 2007, Dove released a film called “Onslaught” as another part for their Campaign for Real Beauty.

This video showed a girl being exposed to different types of adds, and beauty images that were idealistic and not lethal. This video actually revealed the truth about the beauty industry. What made this film so famous was the final line that appeared on the film, which was “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does. ” (Oregon). Finally, as one of the last parts of the Real Beauty Campaign, Dove released a video called Dove Real Beauty Sketches. This video portrayed women as being their own and most terrible critics and enemies.

During this video, seven women described each other without looking at each other; the artist just drew their faces base on the images these women gave. The same women were then described to the sketch artist by a stranger. A side by side comparison of both sketches elicited powerful reactions and unanimous results women are more beautiful than they think” (Oregon). I consider that public relations did a great job on all three campaigns, First of all, when it came to the Tick Box, public relations was used through different types of media.

Dove even decided to use Opera as a public image in order for her to talk about the campaign and reach the public. They were able to establish a great connection with the public by inviting them to articulate into the tick boxes, which allow women to make any type of question or opinion they wanted. In the end, public relations did a great work here since many women had the same opinion about Dove’s principles and most important they felt that women were beautiful no matter their size, shape, or appearance. So this clearly turned out into a positive outcome for Dove’s Campaign.

In the other hand, “Onslaught also got considerable coverage on The Today Show. All these facts suggest that the film became a valuable and successful element of the campaign thanks to smart PR tactics” (Hanson, 2013). This was another successful way in which Dove implement public relations to communicate a message. First of all, Dove showed that they were protecting girls from the beauty industry and also making them more confident. Second, Dove made people realized about the problem and people started noticing about the negative pressure that the beauty industry puts on girls.

Third, “it lowered constraint recognition by instilling confidence in mothers and offering guidance on how to become more responsible and resist the beauty industry” (Hanson 2013). Finally public relations helped by making people to become involved with the video discussions and also participating in Dove’s campaign. Onslaught is definitely an example of public relations, but not advertising since as you can see in the video there weren’t any Dove products advertised. Second the video wasn’t made with the intention for it to be a commercial; it was meant for people to be sharing the video.

In addition, it was intended to generate goodwill and mutual understanding between the organization and its publics” (Hanson, 2013). This was a video that its primary purpose was to help girls to have a good relationship with beauty and most important to increase these girl’s confidence. I consider that Dove implemented communication in all their campaign in a very effective and successful way. The message that Dove wanted to transmit was that women were beautiful regarding their size, appearance, age, or background.

Public relations helped Dove in the way that it allowed the company to connect with women on an individual and emotional level. For example the video Dove Real Beauty Sketches, produced millions of views making it the most viewed video of all times. “Public Relations work is all about fostering relationships, and Dove was successful in aligning its brand tit the cause of embracing natural beauty, something all women can appreciate” (Oregon). In conclusion, a public relations is the way Of administrating information between a business and the public.

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