Academic Skills Evaluation and an Action Plan Assignment

Academic Skills Evaluation and an Action Plan Assignment Words: 311

The Discovery Wheel exercise is supposed to help us on knowing what kind of student we are as well as what kind of student we want to be. With regard to my results, I found out that my strengths were motivation, memory, notes, thinking and purpose; whereas, my weaknesses resided in time, reading, tests, communicating and diversity, and resources. First, this exercise was right about my strengths. I am a highly motivated person in everything I do, especially when it comes to doing whatever it takes to reach my goals.

Thus, purpose and thinking are also part of my strengths. I have a life full of purposes; it helps me going on in my life. I can say it is one of my main particularities. Hence, I am a good thinker. Second, this exercise wasn’t totally true concerning my weaknesses. Time and tests aren’t part of my weak points. I am the kind of student who’s always on time for the due dates of assignments. I value time. Plus, I am often well prepared for the tests we do in school. While growing up, I noticed that I was reading less and less; which explains why I don’t use resources a lot.

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Also, I don’t talk that much to people; except, sometimes, if I’ve known them for a while. Finally, my action plan for my weaknesses is that I will read more. I have to become the old me who used to read all the time. This will simultaneously help my usage of resources. Plus, I count on this class to help me improve my communication problem, and on my side, I will interact more often with people, even if I don’t know them. The teaching/learning style I like the most is the indirect instruction because I think it’s more challenging and exciting than the others.

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