P2 Constraints and Limitations in Marketing. Assignment

P2 Constraints and Limitations in Marketing. Assignment Words: 404

Legislations. There are different legislations in marketing which protects consumers. So if a costumers is not completely satisfied or feel that the product is harmful in any kind of way they can bring a claim against the person or company that produced the product. Legislation is a term used to describe a law put out by a legislative body. There are two main types of legislations: 1. Common Law 2. Statutory Law Common law is the law that is developed through the courts.

And statutory law is created when Parliament passes a new legislation through an act of Parliament. Sale of Goods Act 1979: This Act tells us that goods bought from a trader have to be: ???Of satisfactory quality, meaning that the goods would meet the standard a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory. The quality includes: their state and condition, appearance and finish, no defects. ???Fit for purpose ???As described.

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If the goods do not meet any of these standards then the consumer is entitled to a full refund, reasonable compensation or repair and replacement of the goods. Trade Description Act 1968: This act prohibits misleading and statements that are not true about the product. This Act is put in place to ensure that the goods are correctly described such as: ???The way they were mare ,e. g. such as hand made ???What material they were made off, e. g. such as plastic ???Their fitness of the purpose e. g. their strength, performance and behaviour. Physical characteristics ???Statements that the goods are tested and approved ???Where they were made e. g. made in China. ???Information about their history. Consumer Credit Act 2006: This Acts protects the right of the consumer when they purchase goods or credits. It also ensures that the customers get a copy of the written agreement. All traders must also ensure that they obtain a license from the Office of fair trading when they make such agreements. Customers must also have full understanding of the agreement.

Data Protection Act 1998: This act is of great importance to consumers as marketers have increasingly been using direct mail techniques to communicate with them. The information stored by marketers must be: ???Obtained lawfully ???Only used for purposes stated when collected ???Relevant and not excessive. ???Accurate and up to date ???Not kept longer than necessary. ???Protected ???Must be available for inspection and correction by the individual. ???Subject to procedure to prevent unlawful processing.

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