Limitations And Constrains Of Marketing Assignment

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The act makes sure that Deco’s are selling satisfactory items that are fit to do what they are meant to, This also means that the food has to be satisfactory as well. It all comes down to what the customer wants. For example if you wanted hall meat. This act also abides to Sass, as even though the items you are purchasing are brand new you can’t see the state in which it is in and if its fully functional. But, you do get about a year to see if it is , which means you can take the item back without a reason and get a full refund.

So this act means that Sass has to ale items which are in a good condition and also means if the customer have bought a printer from Sass , but have requested that it is compatible with a computer and they agreed, it means it is fit for the purpose. The Customer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations in 2008- This act is put in place to stop unfair and misleading trading, to customers. It also means that door to door selling is banned.

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For example of this is advertising a “Apple” product for sell, this is making the customer think it is an Apple product, when really it is being sold as “Apple”, the whole idea here is to chive the customer to buy the product. This act affects Deco’s because it means they cannot try to tell a product, and deceive the customer. Egg: telling the customer that there is a new “burger” out, making the customers think that it’s their marketing techniques when really it is not real beef.

This act also effects Sass , as it means that they cannot go around door to door, trying to sell products from there shop, to get money. It means they must advertise their self and make people come to the shop, not force items to be sold to them. Consumer Credit Acts In 1974 and 2006- This act s in place to protect customers from buying a product with credit. It means that the business must have a license from the office of fair trading, if they are going to give a customer credit when buying a product, or going to lend the customer money, they MUST have a license.

This applies to Deco’s because it means they cannot be in credit with people. For example, if they were to have an order of 5 TV’s for tomorrow and the customer who have ordered these paid in full before they got the items, this means Deco’s are in credit and to be in credit you have to have a license. This also applies to Sass the same way, if you were to buy an item of electronics from Sass and you could not collect the item for a few days it means they are in credit, and again must have a license.

Customer Protection (Distance Selling)- This act was put in place to protect customers when they shop online, this is because they do not get to meet the seller face to face, or get to see the product they are buying to see if it is in the condition in which it is told to be. For testes this act really affect them in two as, they ere to buy things from people online, in another country. Like. The fruit they sell.

This act will apply to them, if the product they bought arrived, and was not what they were told it was, or was not in the condition in which they were told then the act will go in action. Also if a consumer buys online from testes, food or Just households items then they have to deliver the right items and in perfect condition For SASS gets affected near enough the same as Deco’s when they sell it applies to it and when they buy parts to make their product to sell the act also applies.

The Data Protection Act In 1998- This act is to protect data in which is saved on a computer, just like when you are in a work place and they have your name, address, DOBB and bank details. They are not allowed to share this information with anyone else. This act makes sure that all of Deco’s employee’s information cannot get accessed by any person, and that any other important data is not able to be accessed. This is all protected by the data protection act. This act again makes sure that SASS information cannot get out, because the information is personal.

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