Limitations and Contraints of Marketing Assignment

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Limitations and constraints of marketing: Finance: Marketing costs money, having an advertisement broadcasted on television or on a radio costs a significant amount of money. Gathering research on marketing for your business will also cost a lot of money. Organizations with low finance may have to resolve on gaining data for the organization that is “cheap” and acquired from secondary sources which a lot of the time isn’t exactly precise but it’s still better than nothing. Time Constraints: Time Is extremely important for any organizations.

Fashion organizations would need to time the release of new brands effectively: it’s pointless releasing a new range of winter clothing in the middle of summer. Another good example is the battle between Samsung and Apple, these two organizations will be patient and wait for the other to release information on their new product, so if Samsung released information about their new mobile being Water proof then Apple loud then go away and use that Information to their advantage and make their phones water proof also.

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Reliability of Data: Data can be acquired in many deferent ways, what’s important however is if the data you’re receiving is reliable or not. Primary and secondary sources are extremely important to organizations; It can be the vital difference between galling reliable data and receiving poor data. Research on data costs money, and the better the data. E more likely the organization will have to fork over a lot of money, which then greatly effects finance limitations and constraints. Legal and Ethical: The data protection act is the best example for Legal and Ethical Constraints. The data protection act means market researchers can only collect and hold specific data, and the data they do collect has to be kept secure and only used for lawful purposes. Any data collected has to be collected for a reason.

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