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However, their role extends even further, and can be applied to carious applications, including diagnostic medicine,” technology wizard Chad Lieberman New York made these tenements in his introductory speech about the role of smartness in diagnostic medicine. Smartness, Chad Ian Lieberman New York further explained, can help to reduce the costs of diagnostic healthcare, providing for easier, early and at-home detection of various Illnesses, which can save even more lives.

He then proceeded to give the following examples where smartness have successfully applied to detect various diseases: 1. Neonatal eye cancer – red eyes commonly occur when taking photographs, so It was o surprise when one couple took pictures of their newborn and found one red eye and the other milky-white. They were shocked when months later the child was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer, retransmission. The disease grows a tumor at the back of the eye, which reflects as milky white with digital photographs.

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If you see this early enough, you can save your baby and his eye by rushing to the hospital immediately. 2. Mobile eye-care clinics – there are more visually Impaired persons in developing countries, where there Is limited access to medical care. The app can run basic villous tests by using the phone’s camera to run tests. Local health workers can take Images and transmits them to 3. Visual impairment – Meet ART a clip-on eyepiece that attaches to all smartness.

Used with the app Retrain, one can easily detect, near and farsightedness, astigmatism and age-related blurring among other refractive errors on the human eye. The eyepiece is affordable, costing only $2 and can enable people to find out when they need glasses and which ones. It is still undergoing testing in 14 countries. In summary, Mr.. Chad Ian Lieberman outlined many other uses and APS created to enable selflessness, Including urinary profiles, kidney tests, diabetes tests, all of which make It much easier to detect and monitor progression of illness from home. Now you can do more than Just take epic selfless with that camera, you can save lives. ” About Chad Lieberman OWES experience in easy and cost effective search engine marketing services, including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, inking and PC management to help businesses of all kinds remain competitive and increase their visibility on the major portals and search engines.

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