A Journal on Online Marketing Assignment

A Journal on Online Marketing Assignment Words: 691

The content on the social media pages both go along with the message they are trying to send. For example, POP displays their content well. Each polish that is seen in a picture, the name of the color is given in the caption. The content they post has something to do with the company and the product. They also give links in their posts on where you can order their products. POP makes their content relatable to the everyday person and celebrities.

Consumers are more gravitated toward the product because their favorite actress may be wearing the same nail color as them. It is more relatable in a sense that a normal person can have this high quality product that celebrities are using, at a reasonable price. However, Do Something does display content that reflects the different causes they want to bring popularity to, but in my opinion, they are not doing it effectively. They don’t post enough, and I notice that the way they post the content is boring.

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It doesn’t grab my attention like a post from POP would. They purpose of sharing information is to bring attention to the company or cause. POP for example, they want to promote their brand, and mainly their product. They may edit the pictures they post so that they get the best possible view of the shade of nail polish. They may create posts that go with something interesting or big that is going on, for example; holidays, sporting events, movie premieres. Do Something has a different approach.

Although they do share information to keep the public aware of the issues going on in the world, I feel like they lack in making the sots that they share effective enough that people will stop and read the article they’ve linked to the post, or even look at the post in the first place. Most of their content seems to be selfless of people who have used washrags or hand symbols made popular by the organization. Specifically on Mainstream, that’s a majority of their posts. They should post more about events that contribute to the causes instead.

Poi’s platform on social media works well for them, but they could expand on it, and also make changes on the sites they are currently on. They don’t need to post all the same content via the each social media site they’re on. It becomes redundant, and people will get tired of seeing the content they saw five minutes ago on a previous site. I think that Do Something platform does not work for them. The biggest thing that is hurting them is the consistency. If content is not posted on a regular basis, feedback from followers will become less and less.

I would suggest that they rethink how they do social media to make it more effective. They have thousands of followers, ND their comments, likes, and rewets are not indicative of the follower count. I can see that information POP is putting out is correct because along with having their logo on the pictures they post. In each of the about columns of their social media accounts, it tells the person that it is the official account of the company. If there were a problem that questions the reliability of the content, the company is known worldwide and trusted by many that they would address the issue immediately.

To be able to build trust with consumers companies must be consistent and confident tit their social media use. They have to have interaction with consumers so that they know that company cares about their concerns and opinions about the product. POP has that trust with their consumers; however, the only interaction between the consumers that I have noticed is only on Twitter. If they could bring that to all other social media sites that they use, they could build even more trust. Both companies do have a good following, But POP by far does a much better Job on social media than Do Something.

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