Is Globalization Americanization? Assignment

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An items history and origin does not make it inevitably America. The history and the origin in which the item was created determine its culture/origin. Many believe the Americas rich history in fast food, media, and movies/cinema is the driving force of creation for other countries. Films, fashion, and fast food can allow cultures everywhere the feeling of American culture without actually having to be here. With this feeling it is inevitable and nearly impossible not to recognize the products origin.

McDonalds restaurants, for example, are known globally for its burgers and fries served fast. This description is commonly the way many explain America to anyone that asks. Fast cars, convenience, fast food, and growing culture are symbols of the American way of life. A second, American symbol would be reality television. Just like film, reality television allows watchers to get a peek into the real life of an American individual or group of people. This displays the lifestyle and choices an American has and makes.

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Exposure to music, no matter the genre, and American television can create a platform for non Americans to become globally Americanized. Sports, such as baseball, will allow talent from anywhere to play for American teams. In doing so, gives other cultures a direct opportunity to develop American tendencies and ways of life. American Idol is an example global Americanization. Almost every country now has its own version of American Idol. This brings us to globalization.

All the businesses and examples described previously show the combination of global and local. As with American Idol, is known globally which prompted Australia and the U. K. , to just name a few, to develop their own local versions of the show. McDonalds, globally known as an American symbol, alters their menu to cater to the local community it’s in. Italy has the McItaly, India has the Maharaja Mac, Canada the McLobster, and Japan has the Ebi Filit-O (shrimp) and the Teriyaki McBurger with Seaweed Shaker Fries.

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