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Online marketing as known as E-commerce which consists of buying and selling the products and services through the electronic systems such as Internet. The online marketing site chosen is Long. Com. My which is the well-known local e-commerce website in Malaysia. Long. Com. My has a very recognizable brand name and thus gets a lot of traffic, which makes it very attractive to sellers. If you have a store on this site, you have a good chance of getting lots of potential buyers there. . 1 History of Long. Com. My This website is run by a company called as Interstate Resources. Interstate Resources Sad. Bad. Is a relatively young company that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Since its inception at the end of 1998, the firm has quickly established a firm footing in the e-commerce arena. As the founders of the pioneer auction website (http://www. Long. Com. My) in Malaysia, Interstate has secured its position with the largest subscriber base for any site of this genre.

With a mission statement of “Serving the community and bringing a high standard of quality into homes and genuineness by providing an avenue for on-line trading at a low cost”, the staff behind Malaysia’s premier auction site continually strive to improve and develop its functionality without levying high costs. At present, Interstate is expanding into more areas of e-commerce and this document will allow you to better understand our business plan and vision. 1. 2 Products Offered Long. Com. My powers a robust and secure avenue for trading in Malaysia. Long. Com. Y is provided many products and services to the public such as clothing ND accessories, books and comics, watches, pens, clocks and lots more with the entire picture. Hence, each product stated with standard price. Besides, Long. Com. My also provides the search engine to easy the customer faster search their needs with key words. In addition, Long. Com. My are providing a double secure and verification system, which is much more secure and better than other e- auction website. Any users which are willing to post or trade item in Long. Com. My are required to verify their member status and telephone numbers.

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And the nonusers can choose the different option payment such as online banking or credit card, in state it provide secure payment of verified by the visa or master card. Long. Com. My provides two types of verification such as Homophone verification and Email verification in order to bid or sell, the consumer must get the request code in order to prevent them to fraud. 1. 3 Originality of Domains Starting based on Consumer-to-consumer (ICC) transactions, Long. Com. My is now moving to becoming a channel for Business-to-consumer (BBC) relationships. The dead of an auction site in Malaysia has taken off with tremendous response.

With a local flavor, customers feel a sense of belonging and constantly keep in contact with the Long Development Team to give feedback, be it positive or negative. As the customers are extremely valuable to them, they go to great lengths to accommodate for customers’ needs and wants. With the experience Long have gained from running the site for the past years, their team are well poised to deliver a site that is full of quality content to the customers. Many distributors have realized the power of sing the auction system and are now using the site to trade and grow their business.

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