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This port integrates marketing theory and company activity and key concepts of marketing. Apple’s phone and Samsung Galaxy Semaphore both devices are more popular nowadays. An phone is also a camera phone, a portable media player, and an Internet client with email and web browsing capabilities, can send text and can receive, and has both Wi-If and 36 connectivity. Samsung Electronics (SEC),a information technology based company established in 1969 works with Digital Media, Semiconductor, Telecommunication Network, and LCD Digital Appliance.

The Samsung Galaxy S II (GET-19100) is a Semaphore running under the Android operating system includes 1. 2 GHz dual-core “Keynes” system on a chip,l KGB of RAM, a 10. 8 CM (4. 3 in) Wave Super MAILED Plus screen display. Industry background Mobile phone and electronics industry is our issue to describe. Mobile phone is a common device for telecommunication, is being used in a great number. Worldwide mobile phone market has grown 20% in 2011. (waters, 2011). Over 50 mobile operators have over 10 million subscribers each; there were 4. Billion mobile phone subscribers (cobwebs, 2010). Top manufacturer in this industry are MONIKA, SAMSUNG, LEG, APPLE AND ZIT. BY 2011, worldwide sales grew 16. 5 percent to 428. 7 million. Company Docudrama Apple Incorporation, they have been in the field of consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers since 1976. The company’s best-known hardware products are the Macintosh line of computers, the pod, the phone and the pad. Apple incorporation with 357 retail stores sells worldwide and earned US$108. 249 billion till the year 2011.

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Samsung Electronics, a technology based company established in 1969 works with Digital Media, Semiconductor, Telecommunication Network, and LCD Digital Appliance. Samsung Electronics announced revenues of US $ 133. 78 billion in the year of 2010 with a total asset of IIS$ 118. 35 billion. Samsung sold 280 million mobile phones in 2010, with a market share of 20. 2%. The most appreciable innovation of Samsung Company is Galaxy S I I . Apple Incorporation One of the most essential promotion techniques for phone is meant industry for which it is created.

The recently energy phone contains different functions which are useful to the youthful technology as well as those who are already completed. The other factor includes the many functions which are in the phone which do not exist n other very competitive manufacturers. These functions improve the performance of the product such that those who are looking for items will match all their needs. Samsung Company Samsung Company follows a strategic hierarchy in their marketing plan. Samsung segment the market demographically, and then profile the market segment by considering revenue, market share and profitability potential.

And after a strategic analysis of the situation develop a marketing strategy (direct sale, indirect sales), (mass marketing, and targeted marketing). SOOT Analysts Apple Samsung Strength 1 . Unique features of their products. 1 . They have a wide variety of products. Large market expansion. 2. Their favorable brand perception 3. Apple has a loyal set of enthusiastic Customers. Weakness 1 . Pod nana’s faulty screen 1 . Shortage of distributor in local level. phone 2. Moisture censoring on the 3. The pressure of increasing the price of it music download file. Opportunity 1 .

Increased taste of customers of 1. Well established International inline thus increasing the international sales. Customizes products Threats limits the 1. Apple is in very high level of competition 1 . Wide range of products n the technology markets customers loyalty. 2. High product substitution effect in the Innovative and fast moving IT market Macro environmental Forces Macro environment is comprised of several forces that affect a company. The forces that affect Apple Incorporation are social forces, political forces, economic forces and technology forces.

Technology Forces The apple company is really affected by technological innovation advancement forces around it. Rapid advancement on components by component manufacturers (e. G. Intel, MAD) and application by competitors (e. G. Microsoft) as well as contrasting reduces from partner gives no choice for the apple company except responsively catching the new components technological innovation. The new innovation and new technology affects the nature of Apple’s business. Samsung Company Samsung Company works in the field of electronics and home appliances.

They also feel the pressure of technological change as new product of a competitor affects its market. Their competitors (Apple, Sony, Canon, Monika) are innovating new products now and then. So the company should be ready for the blow and responsive to the change. Economic Forces A lot of existing competitors in the industry (e. . MM, Dell, HP, Compact, Ben Q, Sass, Gate Way, Leno, and Acre) and low entry barrier allow new entrant to enter the industry easily and thus increasing more competition.

Apple is also affected by this economic force where Apple has to choose between low prices to boost market share or premium price but lower market share. Samsung Company Samsung Company also retains this economic pressure as they have a large number of competitors. They have to take decision in an economical way. Political Forces Becoming a member of The China to WTFO makes opportunity as well as risk for the apple company. Lower investment buffer and industry buffer gives opportunities for the apple company. On the other side, similar possibilities are also available to competition.

When competition moves its place into china and become more powerful. Samsung Company Political forces affect all the business firms so as Samsung. They feel problem in Middle East, south Asia, and other inconsistent country in their business activities. As Samsung has a large number of product lines in many countries, they feel it in a great way. Malnourishment Forces Micro environment is near environment. This environment is actually the direct rounding of the firm that determines firm position in competition.

Large number of competition A lot of competition especially from Winter (Windows Intel) family makes a ‘red ocean’ for the apple company. These competition offers similar product to apple with only little different in features, company and design. Several competitors are MM, HP, Compact, Dell. Samsung Company A great competition from Apple, Sony, Kodak and Canon gives Samsung an extra pressure. Similar products with similar characteristics of several companies concern a company like Samsung. Strong bargaining power (Suppliers) Strong negotiating energy of providers makes expensive of computer components.

As there is only number of brand providers (e. G. Apple, MAD, Cyril, and MM) and only little of them have capability, the negotiating energy of company is higher. This condition made the price of brand component is higher. Samsung Company As there is only number of brand providers and only little of them has capability and desire to provide for The Company, the bargaining power of company is higher to the Samsung. Strong bargaining power (Consumers) The lot of competition with identical product and the beginning of Internet are also increasing the negotiating power of customers.

These restrict the apple company’s set price too high. Samsung Company Consumers have several options; they can easily switch to a product which power affects company. Company should act tactfully to retain the potential customers. Market Segmentation Market segmentation is dividing the potential market to create a successful marketing campaign and maximize profit. There are several variables of market segmentation. They are Geographic Segmentation This is perhaps the most common form of market segmentation, wherein companies segment the market by attacking a restricted geographic area.

Media segmentation While not typical, advertising segmentation is sometimes a probability. It is using the fact that different advertising usually arrive at different followers. Demographic segmentation Gender, age, income, housing type, and education level are common demographic variables. Some brands are targeted only to women, others only to men. Apple Incorporation This company divides its potential market into several criteria. Apple demographically segments the market by considering gender, age, Income, education level. Samsung Company Samsung Is an electrical company Ana tenet markets are constantly expanding. Resent they are in the consumer market and business market, product they sell are as follows CONSUMERS Mobile phone Televisions MPH;audio, video SUPPLIERS IT business products Professionals displays Hospitality solutions Semiconductors Cameras ; camcorders Target Market Social and girl or boy demographics- The majority fit the design of the young, effective male. According to Remedies Research Group, the normal phone client is a 31 -year-old man with a degree and an income of $75,600 per season an income 26 higher than the National regular. But only 28 % were women.

Youthful customers completely outclassed, with 63 % outdated 34 or newer. Samsung Company The target market of the Samsung Galaxy phone is as same as Apple’s phone. Generally young people who earn a smart earnings use this phone. Mostly, the people of North America and other economically able society are the target market. Targeting Strategy The targeting strategy of Apple Computers Inc is concentrated on undifferentiated strategy wherein the complete industry is focused and a simple promotion mix is used on such industry. The needs of the industry are nearly identical thus this directed at technique is used.

An undifferentiated directed at technique is used when a company chooses send same promotional information. Samsung Company The targeting strategy of Samsung Company is concentrated on undifferentiated strategy. They send the same promotional message to everyone. As the market of the company is great it is difficult to send the unique message to all, and is also difficult to maintain concentrated strategy. Thus the company follows the differentiated targeting strategy with more than one promotional message, with each immunization different benefits.

Positioning Strategy The positioning technique of the apple company computer systems Inc. Use competitive strategy and powerful on evaluating what they can do to what their competition can do. The information that they will obtain from the assessment of their abilities guide them in identifying the activities they will take in about their challenges and understanding. Samsung Company Samsung has a variety of items in many groups. Around the globe Samsung provides mobile phone devices, TV’s, computers and in the area provides such as work machines.

Samsung decides its positioning technique with the features of their items and rival’s items. Recommendation Both the company can use a distinguished type of segmentation named behaviorist’s segmentation. Behaviorist’s segmentation is based on actual consumer reaction towards product that include- – Benefits sought – Usage rate – Brand loyalty – User status – Readiness to buy Behavioral segmentation has the advantages of using variables that are related to the product. This type of segmentation can be used as it is identifiable and reachable through communication and also respond differently to the different marketing mix.

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