Marketing Plan For New Product Development Samsung Assignment

Marketing Plan For New Product Development Samsung  Assignment Words: 591

Samsung has 35% smartened market share in India. SOOT Analysts: Strength Hardware integration with many open source SO and software Excellence in engineering and producing hardware parts and consumer electronics Samsung brand is well recognized Production costs are low contributed by production scale Focus on environment Weakness Low profit margin Main competitors (mobile phone manufacturers) also their largest buyers Does not offer its own SO SOOT Analysts: (count’) Opportunities Growing demand of smart phones from India Increasing mobile advertising industry Demand of quality products from Samsung Obtaining patents through acquisitions

Threats Rapid technological transformation Decrease of smart phone price Breached patents Price wars Objectives: 1. Increase Smartened Sales Volume: Increase 35% sales volume during the next year in India market. As the Indian mobile phone market still not saturated, and the rapid growth in smartened user ratio. With the aid of our action programs, help our company to explore the new entertainment related market; we are targeting a 35% sales volume increase during the next year in India market. 2.

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Increase Smartened Market Share: Increase 10% market share during the next year in India market. Even Samsung already having leading market share in India (32%, almost one out of three smart market share by put in more resource in sale promotion. 3. Introduce new product: Samsung Galaxy Core E This product line captures the entry to low-end smartened market, which does not focus on the high end features. At the same time, promotions about the bundled entertainment feature and content also create an advantage over other smart phones. ) Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction Increasing customer retention and satisfaction is very important in creative long term repeat purchase customers. By increase showroom & service centre and improve arrive quality (for example faster average service time, free gift or replacement unit when service level can not meet). Marketing Strategy: For the market segmentation of Samsung – As a globalization drive its operations in India since 1995. They provide of Consumer Electronics, IT and Telecoms products in India market.

While it is the largest mobile handset brand in India, it leads in the smart phone segment in India. When Samsung entered India, it realized that Indian consumers were not familiar with the company. So, in order to establish itself in the Indian consumers ‘mind, Samsung launched corporate advertisements highlighting TTS technologically superior goods. Samsung divides the market into different groups based on variables such as age, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, social class, lifestyle and nationality in India.

Know the consumer needs and buying behaviors even though they are in different personality traits, knowledge, attitudes, loyalty status and responses to a product. A business cannot be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. Therefore, SAMSUNG is dedicated to being a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in every community where they operate around the globe. For the market targeting – Samsung smartened are much different than regular feature phones.

These phones are built on mobile operating system based on targeted the whole market with one offer to focuses on common needs rather than what’s different. Which is involves tailoring brands and promotion to the needs and wants of local customer groups. With the changes happening all over the world changes in a mobile phone is must. The world is moving fast and so has technology to. The invention of a smartened is the best thing that could have been done to human kind. Smartness India market is huge. All over people will using this.

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