Naini Lake Sewage Pollution Assignment

Naini Lake Sewage Pollution Assignment Words: 269

According to a recent study conducted by D K Pander of the Durance-based Forest Research Institute, the water quality Of the Main lake has been steadily deteriorating and is highly polluted due to the addition of exogenous wastes, as a result of more than 37 per cent increase in human population in the catchments area of the lake and too many tourists. Also, high isolation resulting in reduction of lake depth, the depth of lake have reduced from its original depth of 29 m in 1871 to only mm in 2007.

With an increasing amount of sewage, municipal and domestic wastes finding their way into the lake, the quantity of organic matter in its waters has risen sharply. This has starved the lake of cleansing oxygen, pushing up the biological oxygen demand (BODY) by over 20 times over a ID-year period. From 15. 5 parts per million (pump) in 1 981, the BODY shot up to 357. 23 pump in 1991. Similarly, the concentration of free carbon dioxide in the lake which depends on the population of aquatic organisms and the type of waste added to the water ecosystem has increased by 670 per cent over the same eroded.

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In 1 993, petition was filed by DRP. Rata, who is a member of social action group called ‘Initial Bach Smite’, who approached the Court seeking its assistance to pass such orders and give such directions as would prevent further pollution of already suffocating Initial. By an order dated 147. 1994, the Court had felt it fit, after having gone through the petition, to appoint a Commissioner for local inspection and to give report on various important points.

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