Marketing Mix Yacht Assignment

Marketing Mix Yacht Assignment Words: 355

The most important aspect in the marketing mix for a company is the product. Being a yacht cruise company, the company has too have top notch facilities for the yacht for it to be successful. The yacht company also has to identify whether the cruise is a short distance or long distance cruise. If it is a long distance it has to have the facilities like rooms to sleep, maybe a swimming pool and food provided.

Next is the rice, when you look at the price you can set your price with an attempt to attract customers or using your product. Again with setting the price you have to look at whether the cruise is long or short distance, the customers you are attracting whether they are the middle class or upper class. For the promotion your consumer and the product is important. For a yacht you have to advertise all the facilities in the yacht. Maybe try to include offers for people going on the yacht like 25% off for hillier.

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Maybe not to promote the cruise, if you want to promote the yacht’s facilities you can showcase it in yacht shows. The place is also really important when marketing if your yacht cruise is for middle class people, and the place you have it Is a 5* or 7* hotel you are not going to attract the customers you want. The place has to be in link to how the product is and who you’re promoting It to. For a yacht cruise the place should be in a beach hotel or places like the marina.

Without having the correct people working for you, you can’t utilize the product. The captain has to be well trained, the steward and stewards have to be at a certain level. As for the yacht cruise the physical environment Is the most Important, If the workers aren’t hospitable they won’t return, If the facilities provided aren’t up to a certain standard. The yacht company has to ensure the product or cruise has a good feeling and environment to it.

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