Gandhi and Mao Assignment

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Contention Gandhi was mostly effective in achieving independence for India Terms Evaluate – finding how valuable Gandhi was as a leader through his ideas about passive resistance that he introduced to his follower and how he used it to achieve independence Effective Leader – is someone who doesn’t always successful, but able to bring change and new ideas to the society.

An effective leader should have support from his follower, risk taker, and an intelligent communicator. Achieved Independence – gain freedom as a country. Can rule its own country by TTS own people, not being rule by colonizer. Another case in India is to abolish caste system, as Gandhi wanted too.

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Parameters In order to evaluate Sandhog’s leadership, this essay will consider the movement he persuaded or took part in, movement by his followers that was based on his ideas, and through some of his acts and speeches.Gandhi’s movement was based on passive resistance (Straight, civil disobedience, boycott) Example Salt March (Example of movement he persuaded and took part in) Evidences: * In 1930, Gandhi informed the British ruler that he intended to break the Salt Law did not allow private person to make salt, people had to pay tax on salt, even the poor peasants * 12 March 1930, 61 -year-old Gandhi and his 78 followers went on the “Salt March” to the sea taking 24 days * Gandhi gained more follower after talking about their problems to the rural people * April, Gandhi left Mohammedan * Almost 200 km, finally reached the sea at Danni *

With one voice all Indian cried “Down with the British” gather recruits for Sandhog’s policy at last the Indians were united THIRD POINT Independence in India is also about equality of the people (abolishment of caste system and the untouchables) and also about religion (Hindus and Muslims) Example Partition of Hindus and Muslims (after British granted independence) Evidences & Outcomes: * Gandhi have tried many ways to prevent the partition * Gandhi and Nehru(Hindu) offered Zinnia(Muslim) offered to be the first prime minister of India Zinnia refused, he was concerned that Hindu will be more dominant and caused Muslims slavery * 2 quotes according to the movie “No one will be masters, no one will be slave” & “l am a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian, and a Jew, and so are all of you” * 14 August 1947 Pakistan declared its existence 15 August as the official date of partition.

Many people were on the move, Muslims to Pakistan, and Hindus to India caused Anti – Muslim riots all over India * Gandhi fast to death to stop the riots . Overall, Sandhog’s movement based on passive resistance was mostly successful against the British, which are more powerful in military strength than the Indians, Ana gall It was sometimes reactive to unite ten people AT IANAL. Through Amidst massacre, the movement based on Sandhog’s policy has made the Indians united, although it caused many deaths and injured . Through the Salt March, which was not violent movement at all, in the end Gandhi as able to discuss with the British at the round tablet. And by some of what he said, and his acts, he was able to stop riot in India, but failed to unite the Muslim and Hindus in Indian. Gandhi was mostly effective in achieving Indian’s Independence.

This movie was directed by Richard Attenuator’s and written by John Brimley. Ben Kinsley played as Gandhi. The premiere movie released was on 30 November 1982 Purpose The audiences intended are people who watch movies, politicians, and historians. This source is in a form of a movie. The main purpose for the director to irate this kind of movie is for business. Sandhog’s story is an interesting story that would attract many people and good for business. Value From this movie, the viewer can get a glimpse or many about Gandhi, his ideas, and movement. The movie budget was $22,000. Both director and main actor received Academy Award.

This source is valuable to me as a secondary source, and this movie was also based on Sandhog’s story so it can be a useful source. Limitations Scenes in movie are created, they might not be as exact as the actual event, scenes can be made up and can be change easily to make the movie more interesting, in other case, it can be biased. There is also no actual footage of Gandhi in the movie. Although based on true story, some quotes or speeches may have been modified. But the overall story and event outcomes might be true. QUESTION 2 For this response I will be using the Great Leap Forward for the basis of my comments. Change is to make a different or to bring new ideas too society.

Change can be either positive or negative Contention the Great Leap Forward was Mayo’s Attempt to modernize China, it was called of after 3 tragic years when things started to go wrong, it caused 30 – 40 lion deaths Mao Sedona: Leader of ICP * After the successful economic of the first five year plan, he as the head of the ICP leader ripe for the second five year plan called the Great Leap Forward *

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