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Therefore, the vacation cruise lines should not continue to dump gray water wastes at sea. Second, the vacation cruise lines can continue to dump gray water wastes at sea but not within the sea boundaries of the island nations. This is because the cruise ships must respect and obey the law of the island nations once they are in the official areas of such nations. 6- What are the economic benefits? In this case, the economic benefits are the cost saving from redesigning the physical layout of the ships for storing waste, the cost of waste treatment, the cost of saving ace of staff and customers for waste storage, etc.

The customers enjoy the 15% to 20% off the price compared with the price when no more waste is dumped at sea. However, it is necessary to consider the potential cost in terms of pollution treatment and the costs of the consequences imposed on the native peoples of the island nations without their consent. 7-What are the legal requirements? The legal requirements in moral analysis refer to the laws adopted by members of society to regulate the behavior of member of that society.

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Within the official mandarins of the island nations, which are usually defined as three miles from the nearest point of land, the island nation laws should take precedence? If the ships go beyond the sea of the island nation, the world maritime laws should take precedence. 8- What are the ethical duties? In this case, considering the balance between benefits for some people within the society and harms for other that will result in an overall improvement for the full society, the parties involved in this situation should evaluate the benefits and harms, et a mutual understanding and agree on a solution.

The solution might be reducing the percentage of waste dumped at sea or completely stop dumping such waste. 9- What is your recommendation, and how would you explain your recommendation to the other individuals, groups, and organizations that are going to be affected by that decision if it is adopted? The situation is very sensitive. The company must take consider damage caused by the dumping of waste in the sea of water pollution and reduce water wealth and poisoning sea creatures. Moreover, these actions incompatible with laws and regulations.

The company must redesign the layout of the ship, which contributes to increase the size of tanks to accommodate a larger volume of waste, which contributes to reduce or lack of waste that are dumped into the sea. It will not be through raising the price of the ticket by 15% _ 20% only, but also the company should reduce its profit margin. If the company has such corrective action, it helps improve the company’s reputation with the community, which contributes to increased demand for trips and loyalty to the company.

Such acts are useful for individuals, groups and organizations, as it contributes to the achievement of Interest for all individuals to achieve their own interests that correspond to the interests of the community. Individuals will enjoy with their trips, as well as sellers in the ports sell their products from souvenirs and other goods. Also organizations that operate in the same industry, must take into consideration when designing their own ships to be of great designs and contain large tanks, or even develop purification system helps to re-repeat wastewater, which helps preserve the environment, not to harm others.

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