Marketing mix for the first two High School Music Assignment

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It is possible to add in publicity to a film marketing campaign although his is technically a part of promotion which is not the direct result of a financial deal made by the studio. Product: A film needs to be clearly identifiable in its marketing -?? genre, stars, story, special effects, style all need to be presented to the audience so they can select the film on the basis of content. Firstly, the High School Musical stars Ca Effort, Vanessa Hedgers, Ashley Disable, and Lucas Grabber in the lead along with other actors.

The leads of this film are very popular among teenagers and children, so the cast of this film should be highlighted to the target audience. Then the story, High School Musical Is a story about two high school juniors from rival cliques – Troy Bolton (Ca Effort), captain of the basketball team, and Gabrielle Monnet (Vanessa Hugeness a beautiful and shy transfer student who excels In math and science. Together, they try out for the lead parts in their high school musical, and as a result, divide the school.

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This story should be presented in the trailer so that the audience gets a hint, what to expect from this movie. Placing: A film has to have the right release date -?? Christmas for a Christmas movie etcetera. Its release date will also depend on what else is being released at the same time. It would be pointless releasing any big action adventure movie the same weekend as another one simply because movie audience would choose between it and the competition, thus halving the ratings. It makes more sense to put a romantic comedy In that release slot. O mop up the movie audience who are not Interested in action. High School Musical should be released on Television on the Disney Channel as this is a Disney film made only for the Disney viewers, children and teenagers. Print advertising: Posters and advertisements in newspapers & magazines. Trailers: Screened at cinemas and on Television. Internet sites: Including Faceable ‘fan’ pages. Viral Videos. Merchandising: The list includes endless books, t-shirts, food, soundtrack CDC, computer games, toys, cars, and mobile phones, anything that can be associated with the brand of the movie.

Posters of the film should be presented in all the schools and high schools. Advertisements should be published in the Disney Channel Magazines with the film poster as the cover page. Trailers and Viral Videos of the film should be broadcast on Disney channel and other kids’ channels. Moreover the film should be promoted via internet through Faceable pages and other social platforms. Also High School Musical features an excellent soundtrack. The soundtrack should be released a month prior to the release of the film; this will create hype among the children and teenagers.

Merchandising t-shirts and schoolbags with the High School Musical posters is another tactic to promote the film. Publicity: The publicity department of a studio can use the talent, actors, director, screenwriter attached to a movie they have contractual obligations to do what the studio asks and will try to gain maximum benefit from the following: Star Interviews: In print, online and broadcast media. ‘Making Of’ documentaries, set reports and viral videos add to the hype. Reviews and profiles: Empire front cover anyone? News stories: Who did what on set and what records have this film broken?

Live Concerts: For musical films. Interviews of the cast should be printed on magazines, and broadcasted on television. Getting the film-review out before the film release could be another publicity act for the film. Releasing News stories of what happened on the sets would also draw attention of the audience. As this film has such a first-rate soundtrack, Live Concerts will capture terrific attention of the audience. 2. The market for movies is segmented primarily by age, but how might marketers further segments this market?

Market segmentation helps marketers define customer needs and wants more precisely. Movie marketers can use geographic, demographic, cryptographic, and product-related segmentation to locate their target market. Geographic segmentation refers to a region of a country or the world, market size, market density, or climate. For example, USA, China and India have huge market for movies, so it is common nowadays to see a Chinese or Indian film star in an American vie; this is usually done by marketers to attract audience of both domestic and international markets.

Demographic segmentation refers to age, gender, income, ethnic background, and family life cycle; this can be used to help determine where to distribute their movies, and determine what kind of movie they should create next. For example, Disney mainly targets children and their families with average income, even their animation films are made to please the parents, with their good morals and some Jokes that are meant for the child not to understand. Cryptographic segmentation is based on personality, motives, lifestyles and ego- anemographic; this can also be used to help determine who is going to watch more of their movies.

For example, nearly 10% of I-J population prefers to go to cinema as a leisure activity. Another determinant is the personal reasons of customers, such as hobby, memory, and education. For instances, the fans of Harry Potter books could become Harry Potter movies audiences. At the same time, English hobbyists might like to watch Harry Potter because of language. Product-Related Segmentation divides market based on buyer’s relationship to the product or service. Most cinema sickest are one-off purchases.

We don’t buy a cinema ticket in the same way as we might buy a particular brand of soft drink, knowing that we will go back to this brand again and again and again. With each new movie release, a studio has to create a new brand. Studios like genre movies for example, romantic comedies, horror or action that already have a form of brand identity, as they can market them to a specific audience. This is also why movie goers like sequels and franchises so much -?? a string of movies all based around the same brand are easy to market.

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