E Marketing Cocos Keeling Islands Website Design Assignment

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ACS of website designing we can analyze the quality and effectiveness of Coco’s Keeling Island website and decide what could be improved. Context Websites context is very important, a websites layout and overall visual design needs to be uncluttered, easy to read and navigate, and the color scheme needs to be appropriate for the marketing design. Having some whit spaces will also aid in the overall design and readability.

Analyzing the Coco’s Island website it is evident that they have used “table” layout in designing their website. Figure 1: Coco’s Keeling Island-official Website Source: Coco’s Keeling Islands (2014) Above figure shows the design layout of the website. It is basically designed with the menu fixed to the top left corner and first part of the table contains an animated slideshows of images. Then it has a booking section and then only page information is displayed. On the left column it has contact details, an alternative menu, an interactive map and a weather forecast.

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At the bottom there is a footer that hovers over the text. The design is very simple and elegant, but it lacks in functionality. The low figure is of a zoomed out image of the page, when in 100% zoom (Figure 2). Most of the static text on the information requested is not displayed. User has to scroll down and read which cannot be accepted as a good design. Figure 2: Coco’s Island Website 100% zoom Source: Coco’s Keeling Islands, 2014 Content The Content of any website refers to its text, graphics, sound, music, and/or videos that are presented.

Content of the Coco’s Island website is very simple. It has simple objects like Images, and few videos about the experience in Coco’s Island. In accordance to the statistical content analysis carried out using “Linebacker footwear” (Figure 3) over 82% of this website is static text. They have a Gallery to show tourists the beauty of their island and they have video reviews of their packages and suits. This site uses XML, Cascading style sheets, HTML and Javascript languages to deliver expected functions.

Figure 3: Linebacker report of Coco’s Island website Community Community refers to the ability or disability for a website to allow interaction between customers through message boards and/or live chat. There is no any method for viewers of this website to communicate/interact with each other. Coco’s Keeling Islands website does not provide even a review system for the customers to share their experience and rate the facilities. Customization Customization refers to the design of the website to provide personalized user experience.

It can be from a login system to customize user interactions to simple things like auto fit and support for different devices. Companies can allow customers to personalize aspects of the website or it may tailor itself to different users, for instance, having different colors and graphics for people who speak different languages The Coco’s island website is weak when considering its customizable. They do not offer any special login system for users. Nor do they offer facility to switch between languages. The site coding does not provide optimization for different resolution displays.

In a high resolution display website would look like in Figure 1 whereas in a low resolution display the website would look like in figure 2. The auto scaling is not well optimized. Comparing the desktop site with their mobile site, mobile site is more responsive and has a better design that optimizes the use. Communication Communication refers to how the company talks to its customers, this can be done wrought singing up for special offers, email newsletters, contests, surveys, live chat with company representatives, and company contact information.

There are several methods of communication provided for viewers to contact Coco’s Island. Email, Telephone, Fax, Keep and also the address is provided. But they do not offer live chat facilities for users. Connection Connection refers to any link that leads the customer away from the website. Coco’s Island website is connected to the “Book Easy’ website to provide online booking capabilities. Apart from that it is contain links to their social network pages like, Backbone, Mainstream, Google+, Pinsetters and Youth.

They have linked their website with Australian media sites/Journals that review Coco’s Island. Commerce If the website is intended for commercial transactions, the it has to be safe and the fact that is has been made safe must be communicated to the customers, most websites use a “lock” symbol in the corner to indicate that it has been encrypted. Coco’s island website provides user the ability to book their travel online and reserve accommodations online. For that the commercial service provided by “Book Easy’ will innocent the website with the other payment and booking firms to complete the transaction.

All in all Coco’s Keeling Island website is not well designed to provide maximum service to customers or to fully utilize internet to maximize their marketing, But by adopting following solutions they can make sure that they draw many customers through their website. Recommendations based on ACS Context The context of the design needs to change to a more graphical and user friendly layout. Requested information should be available easily without the need to scroll and search for them. Content Especially because it is a tourism website it needs to add more attractive pictures and videos in the as the contents of their website.

Videos should be added showing snorkeling and other available activities. Use of static text is also important because it will improve the search engine optimization. Community They could set up a customer review system and forums for customers to share their views and opinions. They can also use these to find out what customers exactly want and improve their services. Communication Communication-wise live chat would be very helpful for tourists to know more about he island, their products and services. Customization As mentioned in the research, most of their customers are from china.

Because of that reason they could at least provide the ability switch between languages. They should also improve the website support for different devices. Commerce They can start partnerships with airlines and different other service providers to set up booking tickets through their web page. They could also sell gift items and souvenirs online as improvements to the commercial activities. Connection Their website should connect with local and international media to show their connection all over the world.

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