Marketing Mix Assignment

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MANG INASAL PRODUCT: Mang Inasal product is grilled chicken. The secret of it is the use of local herbs and spices that make the chicken taste good. Its product offering have also expanded not just grilled chicken. They have sisig, grilled pork, bangus, chicken feet, wings, pecho, liver and baticulon, fish and pork sinigang, batchoy, bihon, pancit molo, pinoy burger, pinoy merienda, pinoy panamis, pinoy pampagana, add-ons and more. And offer an unlimited rice and soup. PRICE:

Mang Inasal has an affordable meal. It is a barbecue fast food that has Paborito Meals, Sulit Meals and Merienda Meals which ranges from 49-99 pesos on which on the budget of every pinoy. The company also began to offer 29 pesos unlimited coke. PLACE: Mang Inasal is located nationwide with a niche market. It is very accessible because their branches are mostly located in the Mall. The restaurant atmosphere is really native. The ambiance is good and the facilities were clean and they serve the food on time.

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PROMOTION: Mang Inasal has implemented numerous promotions to reach its target markets. Promotions are listed as follows: ??? One of its promotions is advertising. Advertising is conducted on TV, radio, in cinema, online and in the press for example in newspapers and magazines. ??? Using philanthropy as a means for promotion- Mang Inasal contributes to several non-profit organizations as a way to improve product image and awareness in local communities. Using BDO credit card also as a means for promotion. If you spend at least P2, 000 anywhere with your credit card you can get a Mang Inasal Spicy Paa Paborito Meal. ??? Events and Experiences- Mang Inasal caters any events. ??? Public Relations- Jollibee Foods Corp. is planning to bring its newly acquired chicken barbecue chain Mang Inasal to the United States to cater to the large number of Filipinos there.

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