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Marketing mix plays a key role in an organization. It is because of its underlying factors they are price, place promotion ,product. when the marketer takes more consideration of the factors the chances of the organization to prosper is very high. Price is defined as charges for the product or service, or the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the they product or services . in other words something we pay to get for another factor should be whether people can afford to buy the product if the is an inflation or at war will they still wan and be loyal to the same product ? hat depend on the quality of the product . Place is known as distribution channel where product can be easily obtain . when we know that it easy there will be consumers want to buy the product it should a strategic place so that more people can come and buy the product . Where promotion attract the costumers and make it more easier to promote the product where the price of the original product is higher as they lower it down so that the costume can afford to pay for the product that will attract more people to can purchase the product In the given price and place.

Promotion can also can done in various way. For instance like putting on bill boards, radio advertisement and television advertisement that make greater influence in the general public that make the consumer want to buy to product as it more easy for the promoter to sell his product so easily . Kentucky fried chicken cooperation also known as KFC it also have 36,000 outlets world wide.

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The marketing mix of KFC is the product of KFC is fried chicken with different flavours and verities like Original Recipe??, Extra Crispy??, Kentucky Grilled Chicken ???and Original Recipe Strips with home-style sides, Honey BBQ Wings, and freshly made chicken the The product of KFC is unique and is widely famous among the consumers for its Original Recipe?? fried chicken that was prepared with its exclusive and secret blend of 11 herbs that makes people want to enjoy it taste and spices in the same way as prepared by Colonel Harland Sanders who founded KFC.

The products of KFC are customized to suit the tastes of the people in the nation in which it is operating. There are over 300 products of KFC all over the world ranging from the salmon sandwich in Japan made from the commonly available salmon fish to the Kentucky Grilled Chicken in the United States. The channel of distribution of KFC is a single level distribution system and targeting the urban, youth population and the family sector, the outlets of KFC are conveniently placed in malls, and near colleges, shops, theatres, thereby enabling increased footfall to the outlets.

In some selected countries, KFC offers free home delivery to offices and homes. The most common pricing strategy followed by KFC in most of its operating markets is the skimming strategy. The products of KFC are priced high initially and are targeted to the upper and lower class and to interest the middle class group the price is lower down so that they also can enjoy KFC Of the various tools of promotions, KFC widely uses the advertising and sales promotions to promote its products.

The advertisement of KFC featuring its tagline “finger licking good” is most inducing and is frequently broadcasted on television, radios, flyers and billboards. advertisement shows how a person get himself lost in the taste of the KFC chicken and induces the viewer to taste one. The recurring broadcast of the advertisement not only attracts a new customer but also acts as a reminder call of the previous experience of KFC, thereby increasing the repeat purchase.

And also the logo of KFC ??? the smiling face of colonel is one of the world’s most recognized logo in the world and has an immediate reminding effect in the consumer uses various sales promotion tools like coupons, discounts and gift certificates. The customers are provided with various forms of incentives in various outlets of KFC. Benefits like free meals and free add-ons are given to the customers through the coupons. They also provide customers meal vouchers and coupons in the print advertisements which the customer can redeem at any of the KFC outlet.

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