Kfc Marketing Paper Assignment

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There are over 300 products of KEF all over the world ranging from the salmon antacid In Japan made from the commonly available salmon fish to the Kentucky Grilled Chicken in the united States. Place element of KEF: The channel of distribution of KEF is a single level distribution system wherein KEF distributes its products to the customers directly without any intermediaries. Upon targeting the urban, youth population and the family sector, the outlets of KEF are conveniently placed In malls, and near colleges, shops, theatres, thereby enabling Increased footfall to the outlets.

In some selected countries, KEF offers free home delivery to offices and homes. Price of KEF products: The most common pricing strategy followed by KEF in most of its operating markets is the skimming strategy. The products of KEF are priced high initially and are targeted to the upper middle class population. Upon establishing a foothold in the market, the prices are gradually reduced to attract the middle Income group. This strategy helps them In achieving better coverage of the market. Promotion at KEF: Of the various tools of promotions, KEF widely uses the advertising and sales promotions to promote its products.

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The advertisement of KEF featuring its tagging finger licking good” is most inducing and is frequently broadcasted on television, radios, flyers and billboards. The advertisement shows how a person get himself lost in the taste of the KEF chicken and induces the viewer to taste one. The recurring broadcast of the advertisement not only attracts a new customer but also acts as a reminder call of the previous experience of KEF, thereby increasing the repeat purchase. And also the logo of KEF – the smelling face of colonel Is one of the world’s most recognized logo in the world and has an immediate reminding effect in the nonuser.

They also promote their brand and position themselves as a responsible firm through various programs in the field of education, diversity and animal welfare. It also uses various sales promotion tools like coupons, discounts and gift certificates. The customers are provided with various forms of Incentives in various outlets of coupons. They also provide customers meal vouchers and coupons in the print advertisements which the customer can redeem at any of the KEF outlet. Thus careful selection of the ups is one of the main factors that contributed to the success of KEF.

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