This paper is about the marketing techniques Assignment

This paper is about the marketing techniques Assignment Words: 493

McDonald’s integrated marketing communications program which allows McDonald’s to carefully integrate and coordinate its many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the company and its products. McDonald’s began creating its MIMIC program by Identifying the target audience and shaping a well-coordinated promotional program to elicit the desired audience response. McDonald’s wanted to gain the trust of the general public and senseless the public to what McDonald’s was and to whom It was directed.

McDonald’s uses lots of advertising to show people what Its restaurants are all about. Their advertising is concentrated on establishing a restaurant that both adults and children can enjoy. A strategy was implemented which aimed at increasing visits and this was successfully achieved by means of the introduction of the Trivial Pursuit Challenge as well by reinforcing the principle of value by introducing combination meals with great taste and made from the best ingredients.

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Today McDonald’s uses different advertising campaigns to grab the attention of their audiences. Their most recent campaign is “Got a buck. You’re in luck! ” which is focused on their new 99 cent value menu. You can find McDonald’s advertisements on the radio, television, In newspapers, magazines, direct mall, and billboards. Personal selling Is the direct effort made by a salesperson to convince a customer to make a purchase. It Is directed toward one person or at a small group through direct communication.

McDonald’s uses personal selling through their cashiers and restaurant workers. When you walk up to the register at a McDonald’s the cashier will usually ask if you would like to try a specific item from the menu. They do this in order to promote new items and to get people to recognize new products. Sales Promotion is a huge part of McDonald’s marketing strategy. They use many games, coupons, contests, and other special incentives to help stimulate sales.. They have always focused promotion around good food, friendly folks, and fun.

They have spent a considerable amount of money on promotional programs such as Monopoly, Happy Meals, and the Big Mac. In Dalton to these promotions, McDonald’s signed a ten-year contract with Disney combining promotions for food Items with Disney movies. They also continue the successful Beanie Baby promotion that is credited as Public Relations is also a important part of the McDonald’s marketing strategy. The restaurant employees play a huge role in interacting with the public.

On a day-to-day basis the employees commit themselves to customers and the customers’ feelings toward the brand. McDonald’s feels that before they communicate with their customers they need to be aware of what their competitors are communicating, so they can create a beneficial difference between themselves and the competitors. McDonald’s uses direct marketing to collect information in order to understand their customers, enable reactions to their changing needs, and understand the changing dynamics of the market.

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