Job Cost Accounting Systems Assignment

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Set specific expectations against which actual results can be compared Obtain a good compensation package Get promoted for doing a good job Complete the budgeting task on time A good budgeting system forces managers to examine the business as they plan, allowing them to do which of the following? (Choose 2) Complete the budgeting task on time Detect inaccurate historical records Set a plan for resource allocation Communicate the organization’s short-term goals to its members A approach is when upper management sets specific goals and encourages, or dictates, that rank-and-file employees make those goals happen for the equines.

Which of the following are nonofficial attributes of an organization? (Choose 2) Materials Products Equipment Quality of service or product Employees 2) Quality of service or product Buildings Time To gain the benefits of budgeting, the budget. (Choose 2) senior management shareholders the IRS the bank that grants a loan to the company financial staff must understand and support middle management the board of directors An alternative approach that requires a department or business unit to justify all expenditures every budget period is called budgeting. Of time.

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Advantages of the top-down approach include better advertising opportunities for different parts of the organization to improve their operations more income better employee management The budget is best done in writing because of which of the following? (Choose 2) Can be used to send to shareholders Can be adjusted Can be communicated to the affected personnel and organizational departments Will not be lost May be referred to from time to time provides a concrete financial plan Many copies can be made A budget provides a tool to use the payroll employees Income off business.

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