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The marketing mix consists of four elements. The four elements are Product, Price, Place, Promotion (William D. Perpetual, Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011) Product refers to specific, substantial merchandise, and services. Examples of product decisions are the brand name, quality, packaging, and warranty. For example the Product of Apple’s Inc. Is innovative technology (William D. Perpetual, Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011). Price establishment have to contemplate the type of competition in the directed market and the price of the total marketing mix (William D.

Perpetual, Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011). Examples of price consist of pricing strategy, discounts, and price flexibility (William D. Perpetual,Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011). Place involves distribution and getting the product to the consumer (William D. Perpetual, Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011). Promotion stands for the tools necessary for the marketer to market and reach the targeted Perpetual, Joseph P. Cannon, McCarthy, 2011) Organization and Marketing MIX A familiar organization that uses the four marketing mix Is Apple’s Inc.

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The marketing mix affects the progress of Apple’s organization because In order for the company to succeed, compete, and deliver quality product It must have a strategy plan. Apple computer was Introduced by two young college students name Steve Jobs and Steve Waking The two introduced the first computer in 1976. Apple’s has produced other technology devices that include personal computers, pod’s, phone’s and pad’s along with other innovative technology [ (Apple’s, 2013) l. Apples marketing mix affects the progress of the corporation because it is the establishment of helpful, strategic wishes in the target market.

The company’s product is technology. For example Apple’s pad is the newest product in the company. The pad is a tablet gadget with overall qualities. It is bigger than a phone but smaller than a computer and acquires a led touch screen interface. This product is popular among buyers because of its applications. Providing consumers with new technology keeps the corporation growing and provides a long-term relationship with its consumers. Apple’s price range influence consumers to buy the product. Consumers are influenced by prices and will make their decisions, according to price and availability of the product.

Apple’s devices are sold in Apple stores and at other retail stores across the United States. Accessibility is important to meet the needs of the organization. Promotion affects the development of the organization because if Apple does not promote its products or have a marketing strategy the product will not reach its targeted audience. Marketing mix implementation Apple is well-known for its innovative technology and for introducing new products. Apples have multiple technology devices with numerous applications. Products consist of phones, computers, and gadgets.

The company provides consumers with several technologies to choose from. Phone, pad, pod, Mac, tunes are products the many is known for. Each product provides consumers with features in which they can surf the Internet, listen, purchase music, read, purchase e-books, hard drive with different gigabytes, Wi-If, wireless accessibility, and multiple applications. There are different versions for each device and the company keeps supplies according to consumer demands (Apple’s, 2013). Apples prices ranges and devices can be bought at several price points.

Depending on the gigabyte customers can purchase a device at an additional price. The organization also provides consumers with options to sign p with other retail stores to receive discounts. Consumers can for instance sign up with a phone company anywhere and with a data plan receive a discount if Apples and the phone company are partners. Apples prices are higher than other competitor’s prices but Apples store and online stores offers discount to college students and for delivery. The online stores offers packages and great deals on the most popular accessories if purchase during specific time of the year (Apple’s, 2013).

Apples have several stores throughout the United States and consumer can locate an Apple store by simply going online click on find an Apple Retail Store and search for a city, state or zip code. Other retail stores carry several Apple products so finding an Apple product is not difficult to purchase. Customers can also order goods on Apple’s website. Availability of products may be low at local stores depending on customer demand but Apples give consumers the option to purchase its products on online retail stores such as Amazon or Best Buy (Apple’s, 2013). Apples promote its products through media, websites, billboards, and television.

Apple’s has a great cord of extreme advertisement and promotion on any of the company’s newest products. One can find an Apple Advertisement on almost any magazine or newspaper. Apple’s is also popular for its television ads and constant promotion. The company’s marketing executing is to constant promoting new technology to stay as the top market competitors (Apple’s, 2013). Selected organization In an article written by Isochronal. Com States "In 2010, Apple made headlines when pad, which revolutionized the globe, and were named the most profitable retailer in the entire United States”(Isochronal, p. ). Apple’s marketing strategy is to sell on value not price”. (Isochronal, p. 1). What divide Apple from other corporations is the marketing strategy and products the organization delivers. Apples marketing drove the company to the top. What makes Apples different from other company is that the company understands that the main focus is to meet customer needs and let the product sells itself. The company delivers something more powerful than competition, it delivers value and that keeps consumer happy consumer will continue to purchase and remain a customer (Isochronal).

Apples exist in an industry where hey do not have to compete. Apple’s products speak for itself. The company produces and offer products that consumers want. There was a time when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy but when Steve Jobs put into operation a new marketing strategy, Apple made a profit of 5. 9 billion and stock market increased to 702 billion dollars (Isochronal). With a new marketing strategy and technology Apples mission "”elf we want to see Apple healthy again, we have to let go of this notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose (Competing)”(Isochronal, p. ). "We need to embrace a action that for Apple to win, Apple has to do a really good Job; it’s about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry (Creating Value)” (Isochronal, p. 1). Conclusion In conclusion Marketing mix also known as the four Up’s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion are four important elements when it comes to marketing. The marketing mix is a tool use by corporation to create the reaction it wants from the target market. Product refers to concrete, substantial merchandise, and services.

Price refers to the amount buyers are willing to pay for what is being offer. Place involves distribution and Promotion includes advertisement. Marketing mix is used in familiar corporation such as Apple’s. Marketing mix also affects the development of a corporation in many ways. For example marketing mix affects Apples from product delivery, price, distribution, and promotion. Apples have several technology products available in the market. Apples prices ranges according to the product and are affordable. Consumers have the option to buy the product at retail stores or online.

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