Pros and Cons of Globalization Assignment

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Globalization is said to be the connectedness and spread of production, technologies and communication globally. It is also what trends are for. Globalization is what all of us here in this world share in common. Personally, I can say that I am quite globalizes. Our generation is, so to speak. I use many things that are commonly known and also practiced worldwide. I use social networking sites such as Faceable, Twitter and Mainstream, which were created for us to communicate with everyone else around the world.

Also, I patronize products such as Forever 21, Apple, Blackberry, to name a few, for my personal needs instead of buying what is locally available. In terms of food, I prefer restaurants and fast food chains which are internationally known. Instead of flying every three months to our relatives in other countries and regions, I talk to them via Seep, an international program which can make you see and talk to people around the world. I also watch shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 produced by the United States. Watching these shows influence me with the way I Reese and with the way I choose things.

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Also, I tend to hear and use new (and improvised) words. Patronizing chick-flick movies with catchy soundtracks (also produced abroad) also interests me. Every time a video, may it be music or prank, goes viral, I tend to also watch it Just to go with the “trend”. Our family also buys foreign-made cars since “they are stronger and faster”. I also watch more NAB games than our local basketball teams. These are some examples of the things I do and have which other people in all parts of the world also practice.

On the other hand, there are also many consequences of being globalizes. First, we forget our own traditions. We will focus more on the “trends” which other big states will set. Languages will also slowly die, for people will focus more on new words and phrases. Economically, smaller states will suffer with too much globalization. Yes, it is also about trade and profits. But more or less, companies which bigger states own will definitely boost their sales since many people are looking up or patronizing them.

Also, the improvement in our technology will cause the traditional snail mails and at some point, transportations, to dwindle. Having the video calls and emails and more will have people talking over gadgets than visiting or writing their loved ones personally. Loss of originality also happens with globalization. Again, smaller states will look up on the bigger states and other states worldwide instead of creating their own trends. For example, nowadays, only a very small percentage of the population still wears our original Baron Say.

All countries already have a standard and commonality with the way they dress. Being globalizes will also make barriers big between the different social classes. Money will not circulate properly since the products and gadgets that some people can afford will set a big difference between the people who cannot. Thus, the rich will become richer, and the poor will become poorer. Also, with the rapid spread of branches of McDonald’s, KEF, Pizza Hut, etc. , people will tend to eat more Junk food, which is not very healthy.

Also, these foods that companies revere may not be proper for some religious and health reasons, but they still continue to do so. Environmentally, these things (Styrofoam, plastic, etc) will create massive amounts of garbage. The fact that many products are being done with all the doctorate around the world , the environment’s natural resources will be greatly affected. The global warming that we are all experiencing right now is also an effect of the pollution of air caused by these factories and products by globalization.

It is also unfair for some developing countries to be the base of the developed nations’ reduces since the entire dump and work will be done by the citizens of the developing country, but the profit still goes to the company abroad, not to mention that these companies also give very minimal wage. Practices such as corruption, child labor and slavery are also negative effects of globalization since they are slowly spreading and being practiced around the world. Globalization can give us lots of benefit, but it can have negative effects which will make us think twice about whether it is actually good for us or not.

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