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However, he didn’t help Joe to prepare for this important account prior to the call. He could help Joe analyze the needs of Genie Model 465 for South Shore Hospital and try to approach their supervision needs and testing needs including how this product can improve the productivity of hospital staff and how the increase of efficiency can benefit the hospital financially. Moreover, the sales manager should done a better and more professional Job during the meeting with the hospital.

His body gestures such as twitched and squirmed in the seat aren’t making clients feel confident. Even though he did not say much like he promised, however, language like “try this… ” And “tell him… ” Makes clients feel his frustration and his pushy attitude. According to the website, “One of the body language that can destroy a sales is excessive movement like unconscious actions like twirling a pen or tapping your feet are common indications of impatience. The same is true for tapping your fingers or twiddling your thumbs. (Cobber, P) Clearly, Joey’s sales manager’s body language didn’t help Joe at all, instead, the excessive movement had pushed the client even further. Analysis Joey’s manager’s coaching style is more suitable to salespeople who are excising their sales quotas, not suitable to Joe since he’s falling behind on sales quotas and UP f the sales department isn’t pleased with his performance. Communication skill is extremely important in sales force management since every factor in sales needs communication skills including good oral and written communication skills. (Spiro, R. L. , Rich, G. A. , and Stanton, W.

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J. ) Joey’s manager didn’t try to communicate with Joe and didn’t try to understand more about his weakness prior the arrival of the meeting with the hospital, instead, he tried to coach Joe in front of the clients by saying “try this… And tell him that… ” His behavior is absolutely unprofessional because it shows he weakness of the sales person and it tells clients that sales person had poor strategic planning before the meeting and during the meeting. Recommendation According to the textbook, Joey’s manager should provide individualized support in order to address Joey’s specific problems. Spiro, R. L. , Rich, G. A. , and Stanton, W. J. ) Each individual sales person is unique, sales manager’s Job is to help him/her to improve on his/her weakness and maximize his/her strengths. More, after the meeting, he needs to follow some steps in personal selling approach to ensure that he have learned about the clients and built some rapport. If I am Joey’s manager, I would go over the hospital’s needs with Joe and ask him to focus on clients’ needs like increasing their efficiency and save on their expense.

Also, I would go over customer analysis to determine the possible characteristics of the hospital. In this case, the hospital is the end user which means they buy the product and they use the product, so I would have to help Joe to focus on the selling points based on the hospital needs. According to the textbook, “performing a customer analysis also requires a determination of why customers are buying the product and what their buying habits re. (Spiro, R. L. , Rich, G. A. , and Stanton, W. J. Then I would seat in with Joe during the meeting however I will let Joe handle the conversation major, and add some necessary key points that Joe might have missed at the right timing during the conversation. Conclusion A successful sales leader needs to improve on sales training skill and establishes the needs of potential clients by doing strategies analysis and customer analysis. A situational leadership is required because each sales person is different, a good manager should work together to help sales people achieve their goal and to examine their strengths while decrease their mistakes.

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