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This is done best when the firms develop a detailed and objective understanding of their work and the type of market in which they plan to operate. Thus, the discipline “strategic planning” also constitutes a part of the broader term “marketing management”. Marketing vs.. Sales: the difference Both are an essential part of any working company. In small scale firms, there is one department which takes care or both marketing as well as sales. But in larger organizations, there exist separate departments for the two. Consider this. You have a product that you want to sell.

Now, ‘marketing’ the product will be different from ‘selling’ the product. The former is a broader term which includes in itself issues such as public relations, advertising, branding, and more importantly, sales. So ‘sales’, in itself, is a part of a larger idea called marketing. Research work regarding customer base, product profiling etc. Are long term projects, handled by the marketing department whereas sales is a short term activity, comprising of closing the deal one on one with a customer using the information provided by the marketing research.

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Generally speaking, you cannot sell the product before creating a market for it. Therefore, marketing emerges as far more Important than sales as It ensures the progressive growth of the latter. A common Marketing Manager Job Description As the name suggests, a marketing manager is an appointed supervisor of a company’s marketing department. (S)he is assigned the crucial Job of creating a demand for the product/ service In the market which will generate a rise In the company’s sales and In turn, provide the necessary revenue (and profit) needed to keep the organization running.

As a marketing manager, one is involved with creating a market for the specific product / service that the company provides through collaboration with other departments of the institution such as engineering and manufacturing. A major part of the duty of a marketing manager Is developing innovative strategies using their creative faculties in order to attract potential customers to their business. Through surveys and research, the needs of the customer can be determined which further aids in creating a well targeted campaign.

For the campaigning to be effective, It Is important for the manager to be familiar with the company’s customer base. Additionally, the manager should be able to work through the various aspects of marketing as mentioned before and offer managerial support. Therefore, the job of hiring the employees and training them to become a part of an efficient marketing and sales team as well as administrating arioso Job duties also falls under the tag of a marketing manager.

It Is Important for a marketing manager to be both creative as well as analytical in his approach to the 1 OFF in the business world. Furthermore, he must pitch in all his efforts and skills in order to outsmart and outperform the company’s business rivals. Marketing managers are therefore hired to generate a growth in company’s sales by targeting the right customer base with convincing methods and techniques. Make sure that you know what the true marketing manager Job description is before writing one for your company, or applying for this position.

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