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Through this project students must demonstrate that they have become a “Field Manager” in their area of specialization, capable of collecting, analyzing, and communicating information, and of making pertinent recommendations, in the form of a well- structured analytical report, with a view to facilitating the decision-making process. 1. 1. PURPOSE The project demonstrates that a student is capable of planning, executing, analyzing and reporting a significant individual work package such as may be required in working life later.

The project allows students to extend their personal skills and wariness of their own abilities, interests and motivation. It is important that the report writer demonstrates rigor and clarity, which are essential aspects of good communication The GAP and its issue must be clearly linked to the specialization of The student must select, apply and integrate concepts and skills studied in the programmer to a new subject area or new application field.

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The project should go beyond the existing knowledge of the student and deepen his/her knowledge of a given area of study. It should involve the student in the gathering of secondary data and its interpretation. The project should be chosen so that it considers matters of importance today or likely to be of importance in the future.Project topics should be based on a particular sector of activity (e. G. Banking, food retailing) and a managerial function (private banking advisor, Junior product manager).

The topic itself could arise from: 1) The student’s own experience, desire to pursue a topic from a course, personal connections, intended Job area etc; 2) Companies who may have mentioned a problem to a student during a prior internship 3) Market studies and readings. Students are advised to select their topic by following the stages below: Put the different potential topics in order of interest according to the students’ professional aspirations.

Make a provisional choice of the subject which is the most interesting (not necessarily the easiest to put into practice) List the principal information sources on the subject to analyses the feasibility of the project. Use the Methodology course materials (face to face and on-line resources) to refine and develop the subject The project represents approximately 1 50 hours of student work in total (4 weeks full- mime). Students in Rennet during Fall semester attend oh of classes (CATTLE_B).

For those students overseas in the Fall semester, resources are made available on Google APS HTTPS://sites. Google. Com/a/screens. FRR/BPML-learning-resources-2013-14/ graduating-project-and-internship-information and via the student Portal. Students are strongly advised to make use of vacant time in January to advance their research. Each student is appointed an academic supervisor who is available to discuss the academic requirements of the project. Each student has oh contact time.

The supervisors are nominated early December 2013, according to the language selected by the student. Supervisors can give advice on methodology issues but are not subject experts. Students validate their proposed subject by 25th November 2013 by submitting a written formula to Geraldine. gauthier@esc-rennes. FRR. 1. 6. LANGUAGE The project can be written in French or in English. Students should specify their choice so that appropriate supervision can be arranged. 1. 7. SUBMISSION All graduating projects should be submitted within the deadline (5th May 2014).

Penalties will be applied to all projects handed in after this deadline. (-5 points per week) WORK OVERDUE Venality From 1 day to 1 week after the deadline -5 points off awarded grade 2 weeks -10 points 3 weeks -15 points 1st day of the 4th week Work refused and automatically graded * These penalties apply to the Graduating Project grade only and not on the evaluation following the internship A student who fails to submit a project will be classified as FAIL. He/she will have one chance to resubmit within the academic year at a deadline fixed by the administration.

Failure to meet this deadline will mean that the student cannot resubmit until the next academic year (if the student is still within the 4 year time period allowed)

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