Marketing analysis of Akij food Assignment

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It’s a phase of time where competition has been raised tremendously. Thus, we are the student of daffodil International University preparing ourselves to be competent by adding several competencies In both theoretical and practical way. During the period of four years we achieve literatures regarding specified subjects. Additionally, at the last year semester we are assigned to appoint ourselves in an organization for three months to have some practical knowledge on what we study over the four years. Without any application, knowledge is valueless.

Now a days everything is so practical. In a professional life theoretical knowledge is base and practical knowledge Is a key to success. Highly theoretical knowledge is meaningless if we don’t use It in our practical life. Bachelor of Business Administration (ABA) is a professional program. It is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspects. This internship program Is very important for a ABA student. This program helps ABA students get an initial experience about the practical field. As a student of

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ABA, with the partial fulfillment of the course requirement, I was assigned to pursue Internship In FALL, Pantograph Office, Pantograph, Dacha. I have used my knowledge properly on marketing system. After observing thoroughly, I have prepared this report on the basis of my findings and observation relating to the topic. 1. 2 Background The internship program is mandatory requirement for the students who are graduating from the Faculty of Business & Economics under the program Bachelor of Business Administration of Daffodil International university.

For Internship I was engaged in a host firm named Kaki Food & Beverage Limited (FALL) for three months period. During the period, I tried to learned tale to head of modern marketing. Consequently, I have decided to write a report about the “An Analysis of Marketing Activities of Kaki Food & Beverage Limited (FALL)” with the concerned of my supervisor. Every single concept written in this report has been acquired through field level work. Scope of the Study 1. After completing 122 credits In Daffodil International university I got appointed In en of the largest and reputed business organization named Kaki Food & Beverage Limited (FALL) which explored a best scope for the study I have mentioned. Scope for the study depicted as follows: An analysis of marketing activities of FALL. Distribution Process of FALL. Background of the organization. Marketing Strategy of FALL. 1. 4 Objective of the Study General Objective: The main objective of the study is to know about the marketing activities of Kaki Food & Beverage Limited (FALL).

To identify and describe the marketing activities of FALL To obtain knowledge bout the marketing concept of FALL To know the marketing strategy of FALL To know the risk issues of marketing and the policy to overcome that problems To make some reconciliation to solve the problems 1. 5 Methodology of the Study Methodology is the way to systematically solve the research problem. This study had been completed by following system: Primary Data Sources: By discus with supervisor and employees of Kaki Food & Beverage Limited (FALL) Secondary Data Sources: Organization’s profile.

Company’s official website. Organization’s database. Internal report. Text book and reference book. Data collection method Personal interview – Face to face communication with the supervisor and employees of the Kaki Food & Beverage Ltd. Personal observation – observing the procedure of banking activities followed by marketing department Practical work exposures of the department. Target population: All officers of FALL marketing department. Sample size: 10 Officers. Sampling Method: Convenience sampling method has been followed. 1. Limitations of the Study The study is conducted with an objective to make a thorough study of marketing that eve been available many facilities and faced some obstacles during my study. These obstacles may be termed as limitation of the study. These limitations are as follows: The information acquired for the study was not adequate. The sample was too short considering the size of the organization. Marketing officers and marketing teams were very much busy for their works. Confidential documents or objects to the organization were not available to access. Knowledge limitations were also hampered to collections of data.

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