Service Marketing Report Assignment

Service Marketing Report Assignment Words: 275

The study to cover comprehensive scenario of influence of web in retail sectors in Baa English. Identify the strength of retail sector using website Methodology: Limitations: Literature review: Objective of the Report: Present scenario plus loophole, prospect, recommendation. To Identify the competitive position of the market. Particularly comparing the local market with the global market scenario. Effect of technical innovation In the targeted market.

How Internet usage are diversifying the Industry. Influence of web In retail sector In developed countries: Industry Overview: Arousal: Delivery time 25 days Cost: 50 Take Supplementary Innovation : Payment has to be made before the delivery Food panda: Android App, Apple app, Windows App Cost: 50 Take, Delivery Time: one hour. Minimum amount: 300 take, 240 restaurants Hungry Nazi: Partnership with different restaurants. App in three SO. Minimum Order: 200 Take. Delivery Cost: 50 Take. Chi Deal:

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There is no delivery charge. Service charge is included in the product cost. BAD Hut . Com: Payment system is good. Free delivery in Dacha. Mobile recharge. Loyalty point is give n to customer. Return Policy is good. Ease of access is poor. Service Proposition: what kind of service are they offering. Mainly book, Apparel, Grocery items, sports tit m, beauty products, Food from restaurants. Customer perception: Product diversification. Analysis of Business player: PEST: Political, Economics, Social, Technological

GE Model: Market Attractiveness, Business Strength. Boston Matrix: Market Growth and Market share. Global Vs. Local. ODL Matrix: Competitive position vs. Industry life cycle stage. Porter’s Five Forces Model: Brand Personality dimension: Five Dimensions: Brand Asset Valuator: Question has to be asked to customer. We can mans it from the quant survey.

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