Service Marketing Assignment

Service Marketing Assignment Words: 245

Module Ill understanding customer expectation through market research: using marketing research to understand customer expectation, Types of service research, Building customer relationship through retention strategies. Market segmentation- Process & targeting In services. Retention gastroenteritis’s relationship. 3 levels f retention strategies Module IV Customer defined service standards: -??Hardly & -??Soft standards. Process for developing customer defined standards Leader ship & Measurement system for market driven service Performance, Key reasons for GAP 2, service leadership- Creation of service vision and implementation, Service quality as profit strategy, Role of service quality in offensive and defensive marketing Service design and Positioning – New service development – types. Stages. Service blue printing- using & reading blue prints.

Service positioning – positioning on the Five emissions of service quality, Positioning on service evidence Module V Employee role in service designing; Importance of service employee, Boundary spanning roles, Emotional labor, Source Of conflict, Quality -productivity trade Off, Strategies for closing 3 Customers role in service delivery- Importance Of Customer & customers role in service delivery, Strategies for enhancing- Customer participation, Delivery through intermediaries- Key intermediaries for service delivery, Intermediary control strategies. Dept of MASS,31ST 1 service Marketing MAMBA’S Module VI Managing demand and capacity – Lack of Inventory capability, understanding demand patterns, Strategies tort matching capacity and demand, waiting line strategies Module VII Role of marketing communication – Key reasons for GAP 4 involving communication. Four categories of strategies to match service promises with delivery. Methodology to exceed customer expectation Pricing of coerces.

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