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Also, they brought a value to the Ore name. They produce many different flavors that satisfy a lot of peoples needs. About 70 million ores are eaten every year from all around the world. Ore’s has merged with other companies for a partnership which will promote the company to other groups of people. Ore has partnerships with Carol’s Jar, Burger King, and the Cheesecake Factory. These companies use Ores In some of the foods and do commercials, radio ads, and so on. These promotions have helped the Kraft company and also the companies that use Ores in there foods.

If people are a fan of the ore, they may be more willing to try something from another that has incorporated ore. Ores also uses milk companies in ads to promote each other. The love of ores and milk being together helps sell more in both companies. 2. What accounts for Ore’s popularity on Backbone, and is Kraft using this factor to the best marketing advantage? With Ore being on Backbone, it gives people the ability to like, comment, share and follow them. It gives them the opportunity to keep up with any updates and changes in the company.

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They can comment on posts that the company writes about new flavors, a giveaway and the ability to tag friends to pass the page to more people giving them a bigger audience. Ore as of now has 39,929,666 total Likes and with the most popular age group being 18-24 year olds. Backbone Is a well-known social media site visited by millions of people everyday. Backbone also has ads that pop-up around the site that can be a helpful promotion. With all the people that liked the Ore page and they share anything that they post it will inspire other to Join, which is a promotion of the equines.

Kraft is using the popularity of Ore to promote the 10th birthday by celebrating all around the world. By playing games, China set off fireworks, the United States had a celebration in New York, party games and cake in Dublin, pi??atas in Venezuela and playgrounds in Indonesia for all ages. These celebrations offered communication with fans from the company. On the company website they placed games and recipes, giving people the opportunity to try new things with Ores. Kraft is using the popularity of the ore as much as they possibly can, without over using the name.

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