Social Marketing Impact Analysis Assignment

Social Marketing Impact Analysis Assignment Words: 711

Like many other people, I starting my day by checking email, watching news and heckling Backbone for new updates or stories from my friends and trusted group of people. My friends on social media are progressively become most trusted sources of information. I truly do not trust plane commercials or local travel agency. It is become very easy and quick to collect needed information about interested product, places or businesses. There are many benefits from that kind of communication. For example, I always know who is recommending it, and can easily discus with that person positive or negative side of it.

I also can locate needed small home business n social media. Backbone allows to those businesses provide videos, photos, and clear descriptions about their services or products. Videos can show in dateless when and how a product can be used. And, let’s not forget about the comments on the product pages for others to see, or you can leave your own. Backbone allows individuals post comments about product being promoted. It is come very handy in place like I live right now. We are have very limited sources, products and services. This particular Social networking site basically acts as word of mouth.

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Because most f the information is being put out there is getting repeated, more attention is brought to that product or services we can use. Other benefits of that social media network, that it is always available for me any time I need it. I Just simply download application to my smart phone. This days many cell phones have social networking abilities like notification of any happenings. This constant connection to social networking gives me an opportunity to stay an updated about new capabilities, uses, importance, and products. I think that social media is reliable tool when promoting public policy.

In these days’, lots of policy makers creating social media profiles and promoting government agencies and non-profit organizations through social media such as Backbone, Twitter and Youth. Blake Newman provided list of that kind of agencies. For examples: Environmental Protection Agency and US Geological Survey promote itself in Tweeter; US Air Force and AIDS. Gob on Namespace, Backbone, Twitter and Youth. A social media policy is very important component of any social media strategy, not less as the policy itself. But it is more important to provide training and the guidance to people, so they can understand batter.

Those who follow that strategy, attracted people attention and make them want to be a part of that group. I think that policy is useless if it has not been expose to people in most understandable manner. Curiosity and needs being part of some groups or society is in a human nature. Blake Newman gives us example muff have 150 friends on your Backbone Profile and you become a Fan of my Backbone Page. Then, every time one of your 150 friends logs into their Backbone account, they will see in the sidebar that you are a Fan of my Backbone Page and perhaps they should become a Fan o” (Blake Newman, October 12, 2009).

Also, the live interaction allows organizations to make a deeper connection with users. I believe that social media will play very important role on consumer behavior in the future. We are computerize generation. In these days we already can see that social media change our needs. Consumer’s always searching for better quality and chipper prize for products, most convenient dealing with business. Everything they do they want to do with one click. I think it will be popular even fill out important document and applications.

In the future it ill be more popular to use social media in the workplace to stay current on industry developments, cooperate with their coworkers, and always be one click away from used suppliers and service providers. The use of social media gives business a wakeup call, make them personal and actually have better customer service again. Social media will promote word of mouth marketing; create opportunities for potential customers to discover new organizations, desired product and services. Reference: Blake Newman (October 12, 2009), Government/Nonprofit Policy: Use of Social Media, http://www. Animation. Com

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