How Does Marketing Affect My Daily Life? Assignment

How Does Marketing Affect My Daily Life? Assignment Words: 459

First, let’s define what is marketing? It is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Marketing is much more than Just selling and advertising. It plays an essential role in providing consumers with need-satisfying goods and services. Marketing is a subject that touches everyone’s life. It is the means by which a standard of living is developed and delivered to people. Well, marketing plays an important role in society and affects my everyday life.

It offers outstanding career opportunities in such areas as professional selling, marketing search, advertising, retail buying, distribution management, product management and development and wholesaling or logistics. In a variety of non-business organizations including hospitals, museums, universities, government and social service agencies, marketing career opportunity also exist. Marketing is said to be the center of the business world today. Mainly, marketing can be found in all days of our lives, wherever we go and whatever we do. True to fact that it has spread everywhere, it influences us in forms of negative and positive aspects.

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Some businesses use very little marketing techniques, others are very pesticides at it. But as all of us are consumers, we are all affected by marketing. As applied to my case as to how it affects me, almost every aspect is considered and true influenced by marketing. One of the cases, most influences I have is fashion and daily trend. It can never be denied that we are eaten up by the fast growing advances and updates in the fashion world. It is marketing that every inch of it is given Justice and fame which makes it very attractive to us.

In this way, marketing guides me to the current and latest trend in the market as well as how to flip and combine things over s to the way that it goes with the latest trend. Other truths about marketing influences in my life is through the food I prefer to eat, because of marketing, I would like to buy all types of foods that are being advertised and marketed everywhere, this also gives me information on what foods are healthy and taste best among other foods; the hottest items in my shopping lists where it makes me think twice if what clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

I am going to buy; the movies I wanted to go to, all movies are advertised very well which urges me to watch all those movies; the action spots that serves the best of my satisfaction, this includes on how the place was being advertised, the better advertisement, the more they pull me to go to that place. The bottom line here is “decision making”.

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