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Mass Media (Con Team) scabby: Closing (30 seconds) and TV (MASC., FOX, CNN) Nikkei: Internet and Opening Nicole: TV (Lathering talk shows, etc. ) Jessica: Radio Stefan: Newspapers LA times Aryan: Blobs and Websites that do fastbacks (G baby) MASC., CNN, FOX NEWS MASC., CNN, & Fox News are mostly opinionated shows engage their viewers into making biased decisions The anchors make their reports for the good of their job. The information could sometimes harm the victim or business in the events.

In March, a Pew Research Center study found that 85 percent of Mimics pro grammar;Eng IS dedicated to opinion, versus 15 percent that is dedicated to news. CNN dedicates 46 percent to opinion and 54 percent to news. Fox News dedicated just 55 percent of its programming to opinion and 45 per cent to news. Give up on the straight news coverage and go straight to controversy CNN discusses negativity about Republican candidates (margin of 3 to 1) CNN is one of the world’s largest news organizations CNN international is the leading international news channel in terms of view r reach .

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CNN International makes extensive use of affiliated reporters that are local t o, and often directly affected by, the events they are reporting. The effect is a more immediate, less detached style of underground coverage. This has done little to stem criticism, largely from Middle Eastern nations, that t CNN International reports news from a permeation perspective. Http:// en. Wisped. Org/wick/CNN_controversies http://en. Kipped. Org/wick/Fox_News_Channel_controversies http:// en. Wisped. Org/wick/MASC._controversies http://www. Politico. Com/blobs/media/2013/12/ ismsnbcworsethanfoxnewsl 79175. HTML Nikkei: Internet ; Internet is leading to increased political popularization ; this causes a tendency of likened individuals to cluster even closer together r in their viewpoints False information spreads just like accurate information. T is difficult to isolate specific patterns, users or types of content that may result in the spreading of information online Initiatives such as the Verification Handbook offer important insights and GUID lines to encourage readers to assume online information is false until verified ; There are all kinds of variations, where people put up misinformation either b cause they were misinformed or they deliberately do that for whatever motivation t hey have.

Mainstream media outlets and social medias are also responsible for making else rumors , can easily post false photos or name false suspects ; internet misinformation caused 368,379 people to be killed, 306,096 to be ins rued and over in economic damages Died (poison ins) stocks can drop United Airlines shareholders: A stock analyst misread a six ye AR old online news story as if it were new, and released an advisory(Stock dropped 1 1. 2% in one day) ; Wisped is one example of how internet isn’t reliable http:// circuitousness’s. Erg/studies/politics/ researchinterneteffectspoliticskeystudies/? WAP pm_switcher=desktop http://weatherman. Net/internationalization. HTML Aryan Beau (Blobs & Paychecks) Mass media cannot be trusted because websites have to be made to check facts of what television and talk shows say. Such websites like paycheck. Org and political. Com check what television shows and radio shows and political personal say because what they convert is not always the right information.

A flogger, Megan Macrame, even wrote a blob on the effects of going on shows like ‘The Daily Show” because they ask questions that have specific answers they want, and if you are not willing to be embarrassed then you should avoid these shows. ; Floggers like Megan Macrame talk about going on talk shows and how hey will alter what an interviewer says a Mass media (like talk shows) cannot be trusted because they change information or ask questions that have answers only they want to hear. Macrame give suggestions when going on a talk show and the bottom line is don’t go on if you don’t think they’ll portray what you are really trying to say. O Besides you are giving the television/newspaper/radio answers and they have the right to do with what they want, meaning they can use your answers to embarrass you so just be safe and don’t go on ; Websites like political. Com/pundits and fastback. Org run websites and blobs that heck what experts say and give their opinion on political issues ; they have a scale that shows how much of what each pundit or report says is true or false 1.

Fox News Sunday senior political analyst Bruit Hum says that Obama is putting more effort into the Bola crisis than in ISIS D Hum says Obama sent 3,000 for Bola but only 1,600 for ISIS c However, the real report said that before the Septet. 22nd attacks on Syria there were 1,600 troops in Iraq o The problem is, Home’s claim applied to Beam’s overall military strategy to combat ISIS, which involves far more than the 1,600 military advisers and troops he sent to Iraq. Home’s report had wrong numbers so it falsified his whole argument 2.

BBC, CBS, MASC., CNN, and FOX have been backtracked and the following percent is how much of their information is mostly false, false, or terribly false MASC. = a 58% CNN = 22% o We use our news judgment to pick the facts we’re going to check, so we certainly don’t paycheck everything. And we don’t paycheck the five network groups evenly. (Jessica) Bias in Talk Radio ; Talk radio hosts become more focused on maintaining their audience Creates bias Outspoken and shocking radio hosts bring in more viewers, therefore bringing in more money for their station

Want to attract advertisers to sponsor their show Purpose is on creating controversy, not giving out the correct information and facts about politics Focused on creating a successful career and radio station More of a business Exposure vs.. Knowledge ; Mostly conservative ; Mostly onside ; Azalea test (1996) Influence of P TAR on public opinion Test involved research on reception, which involves understanding the given message Prior political knowledge is a better predictor of recalling and recognizing news items Gangrening Lee, an assistant professor at Tagged University, Korea and Joseph N.

Capable,a Professor at the Ennobler School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, conducted research on the effect of OPT on public opinion. They concluded that prior political knowledge was needed in order to understand the topics discussed. Published in 2001 exposure is as good a predictor of reception as knowledge when exposure is carefully measured and the outcome is a political attitude rather than political knowledge Despite enhancing the level or political information among audiences, politic al talk radio may also increase political misinformation among the same groups.

In one of the few ireful studies of political talk content, Davis (1996) found that shows are Orca hesitated to maximize audience engagement and entertainment rather than to serve as a public forum. Hosts rarely make bold contractually assertions, but more usually fill program miming with the invectives of sarcasm, innuendo, and diatribe, repeatedly directed against TA resets views as “liberals”.

Such content may lead listeners to draw conclusions from program among information as processed, especially when information is otherwise lacking a ND the general thrust of program content appears to define reality, or when predispositions t draw specific conclusions are already present and listeners are psychologically read y to make an inference (Sanhedrin 1969) http://today. Yogurt. Com/news/2013/08/05/talkradiogoodbadgop/ http:// catalog. flatworldknowledge. Com/bookish/ reader/3833? E=illumined I.

Coach ass http://www. Studiousness. Org/assertion/wine/classes/freshen/IPPP_s. PDF http://CSS. Illinois. Du/sites/default/files/media/ Hovercrafts_lnformationMisinforma counterrevolutionaries. PDF “Rush Lumbago. ” Wisped. Wakefield Foundation, n. D. Web. 25 Septet. 2014. Lulu, Jack. “Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Com inaction, v. 1. 0. ” Knowledge. N. P. , n. D. Web. Septa. 2014. Hypocrites, C. R. , D. Barker, J. T. Smith, G. M. Kari, and T. A. Ingrains. Informal ion, Misinformation, and POI Talk Radio. ” political Research Quarterly 52. 2 (1999): 35369. Web. 25 septet. 201 4. Communication, Political. The Effects of Political Talk Radio On Political Attitude e Formation: Exposure Versus Knowledge (n. D. ): n. Pagan. Web. 25 Septet. 2014. Whether or not audiences of political talk radio (OPT) are politically knowledge able or not, information given off by such stations are not always correct. OPT stats ins include Rush Lumbago, National Public Radio (NP), as well as others.

Political I talk radio shows have the tendency to providing incorrect statements and misinform riming their audience. This is due to what their goal and main focus is, keeping their audience. Because of this, OPT stations focus their attention to creating contra oversee and bias, instead of providing correct political information. Nicole (The awesome one) Why do people turn to talk show hosts rather than mass media? People turn to citizens because they can be biased and talk show hosts do not have to have any filter and say whatever they want.

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